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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gage went to the doctor....

Well, yesterday I took Gage to the dr for his 2 month visit. (okay, he'll be 8 weeks on Friday...they were willing to see him early).

Well, he weighs 12 pounds, 13 ounces. He's 23 inches long. I forget his head measurement..but it's right on track.
Our pediatrician is soooo funny. He made comments about Gage's "chin collection." He asked Gage, "They're chins. How many do you really need?" He also called him the poster child for breast feeding. What can I say??? I've got magic milk! was time. Time for the shots. A nurse came in. She had zero personality. I swear, her explaining the shots was like watching a pissed off flight attendant go through the safety features of the aircraft for the zillionth time. "Your son will get shots here, here, here, & here. The possible side effects are the following.....should you notice x,y,z, call a healthcare professional immediately..." Her entire explanation took about 13 seconds, and it was packed full of sooooooo much information. Thank goodness they gave me a printout of everything she had apparently memorized.

So, I put Gage down on the padded table...pulled down his mega-cute little bluejeans....& then the nurse asked me to hold his I did. Gage got 4 shots; 2 in each leg. And, when he got the first shot, he screamed so loud. His face turned soooooo red, and he held his breath. I had to blow in his face to get him to breathe again. He had tears just streaming down either side of his face. It was AWFUL! He'd never really teary-cried before. So, then---I felt guilty knowing that I took him there knowing that he'd get shots for the very first time!!!! I know, it's for his own good...but still, I felt bad. So, he screamed & screamed & cried...and then I picked him up. He was quiet. Of course, his legs swelled up later & he was sore & fussy...but it wasnt too bad. He got mega-babied by mommy.

As a mommy...I'm learning that there is never a good time to paint your nails. See, if I paint them while he's sleeping...he's definitely going to wake up. That's just how it works around here. And, if I wait until he goes to bed at night, then I'll paint them...go to bed...and wake up with sheet tracks. So...I've just about given up. I'll hopefully paint them tonight when daddy is home & can be on baby-detail.

What else??? Oh, yesterday mom came & we had a good but brief visit. She got to play with Gage,a nd when we were changing his diaper, he started his little baby gibber-jabber talking. I told mom, "It sounds like he said 'unglue the igloo'." So, we kept saying "igloo" over & over to him. He made similar sounds. (I know--he's not really talking yet, and not really saying "igloo"....but it is fun to pretend!) So, on mom's way home, she called my aunt, BK, & told her that Gage said "igloo"! BK told mom that he said "igloo" b/c it's cold outside. Hahaha! So, Gage is not only verbal beyond his age, he's also very, very, smart! teeeheeeheeee! Oh, and he's apparently a weather-junkie like his dad! So, that was our fun yesterday evening.

I'm down to 126 pounds now. Yippy! My wedding ring & watch fit again. I havent seen those beastie old cankles in months! (about 2 to be exact...) Damon's being so sweet & trying to eat relatively healthy things w/ me so that we can lose weight. I dont think I've ever seen the boy eat so much fruit!

It's that time of year again. Yes, I'm talking about Coffee-mate Gingerbread creamer time. Who doesnt wait for this??? Goodness knows I've already bought my bottle of it. (It can be found in your grocer's fridge section.) I love the stuff. It's marvelous!

Damon made a fire for us last night. It was sooooo great. Ahhhh...sitting by the fire watching "My Name is Earl". If that isnt bliss, well, I just dont know what is!
Seriously--we love that show. It's soooo funny. And Joy is my absolute favorite!!!!

Gage is sitting here with me. He's in his baby papasan seat. It vibrates & plays music. He loves it. He's also a big fan of his swing now too. He wasnt at first, but he's grown to love it.

So far today, housework wise...I've done a little laundry. Well, I should say I've washed & dried some clothes. Folding them & putting them away...that's a whole different story. Damon & I both hate folding & putting away clean laundry. And, we both hate to unload the dishwasher when the dishes are clean. Go figure. I mean, it's a lot less work to put away the clean dishes than to rinse & load the dirty ones....but whatever. That's just how we are.

Speaking of laundry...if I could build my dream home tomorrow...I'd have a laundry room the size of my bedroom right now. I would love a huge & very organized laundry room. Where all of the shelves werent very high so that I could reach stuff without dragging out a stool or step ladder. In fact, I would make the whole house w/ low cabinets! Poor Damon would always have to bend over to get things....but, if it's my dream house, then I might as well make everything easily accessible for me!

Not much else to speak of today....



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