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Saturday, November 12, 2005

7 weeks already....

Can you believe it??
I cant believe it!
Baby Gage is already 7 weeks old...
And smiling...and growing by the minute it seems!

Today is Saturday...
so far today I've gone to the Container Store...cared for my peed on...took a shower & bathed Gage...& made some cookie dough. See, I'll finish making the cookies in a's one of those complex Martha recipes from her latest Holiday Cookie book...who knew it would take about an hour to prepare the dough, then refrigerate it for 2 hours...then divide it into 5 dozen one-inch balls...roll it in regular sugar, then powdered sugar, & then bake??? Well, I guess I would have known if I read the whole recipe before running out to the store to buy all of the ingredients based on a picture of the perfect cookie!

Anyway...I dunno much else.
I'm hungry. Just ate a banana, and now I think I want to make a little lunch.
Gage already had his.


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