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Friday, September 16, 2005

So freakkkkkin' tired.

First of all, let me those who've emailed me, and I have yet to respond: bear with me. I'm miserable & tired.

I dont know how much bigger this baby can get. I'm not a very big person...okay, let me rephrase that...I wasnt a very big person before this. Now of course, I'm huge. Anyway...I am sooooooo uncomfortable about 95% of my days.

So anyway...I had a dr's appointment yesterday.
Dilated to 3 (still...)
Effaced 50-75%
"Your bag of waters is bulging & could rupture at any minute".

I go back to the dr Monday @ 11:30 to discuss possible dates & methods of delivering this baby. There have been signs that his head may not fit through my pelvic bones.

Oh, and Britney Spears had her baby before me. Bitch.
That's right--I'm a hater.

Pretty cranky today. I'll admit it. Here was last night's sleep for me:
11:30-1:55 asleep
up at 1:55 until 4:30 watching tv.
4:30-6:33 asleep
6:33-6:34 contraction (Braxton Hicks, I'm sure of it) the bathtub...
7:00-9:00...asleep again.

And now I'm awake.

Deb, the midwife at the dr's office, said that I have a lot of things in my favor to deliver this weekend: change in pressure from the storms, full moon, and bulging "bag of waters". So, we'll see....


At 11:33 AM , Blogger CBM said...

sending you good thoughts for rest before your delivery!!


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