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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pray for Mikey & Cat!!!

I just got an email from my boss, and I had no idea that our hospital sent some of our IS people (& some others) to a conference in New Orleans before Katrina hit. So now, my friend Mikey & his pregnant wife, Cathy, are stuck in a hotel by the Superdome in New Orleans! So, you guys pray for them. Poor Cat is probably so miserable! Mikey called his mom collect after the cell phone towers went down & reported that his hotel still has food & at least that's good. But you guys--keep them in your prayers.

Mikey, Cat, and I always joke that their soon-to-be dtr's name needs to sound good with "Gage" so we can arrange their marriage. This way, we know we like our kiddo's in-laws. So, Gabrielle & Gage. That sounds good, right? I emailed Cat & although I know she wont get it until she's safely home...I jokingly wrote that we'll get Gabrielle a onesie that reads, "I survived Hurricane Katrina!"

Anyway--pray for them! And pray that they get home soon!!!!


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