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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

In my 38th week now....

Well, I'm in my 38th week now. Didnt think I'd make it this far. And, I have to admit...I'm a little pissed that I'm still pregnant.

We had Riley's funeral on Sunday. I dont really feel like posting a lot about it right now. It was just really hard, and I hope I never, ever, ever, again have to go to a funeral for a child. It was just awful.

So...anyway...starting the morning of the 11th...around 4:20am, I had a big contraction. At 6am, they started coming every hour & lasting about 2-2.5 minutes long. That night, after the funeral....around 10 or 11 they were coming every 3-7 minutes. So, Damon called the dr on call. She said to go on in & get checked. Well, they slowed down, and we talked about all the physical & emotional stress that I'd been under...and she said that is likely to bring on false labor. So, then I felt like an idiot. But--just for the record, "false labor" really just means "non-productive labor". Because when she first told me, I was like--"I cant believe this isnt real. The contractions are registering on your little machine, and I know that I can feel them!" She explained that they are real contractions...but they arent leading up to anything. Just creating an uncomfortable situation for me & the baby. Now God, in his infinite wisdom has designed this whole conception, birth thing very well...but false/non-productive labor...that's just one thing I dont understand!!!
The good news: on Sunday night/early Monday morning when they checked me at the hospital--I was dilated to 3 & 70% effaced. That's a little progress...Anyway... they gave me 2 sleeping pills & sent us home. And boy....did I get some sleep! But, poor Damon said that I was snoring like a freight train & he didnt get any sleep.

Yesterday...hung out at the house. Cleaned around here a little bit. far I've checked my email, made a pot of coffee (Half it's not fully caffeinated...) & had breakfast w/ Dad. Well, not really breakfast with dad...we chatted on the phone while both having our coffee. He's in Austin & I'm it's the closest thing to having breakfast together!

That's all I know. Still no baby.
Yesterday was Tiff's birthday.
Today is Susie Martin's birthday.
Tomorrow is my Mother-in-Law's birthday.

Signing off for now!



At 3:21 PM , Blogger eob said...

Hi Brandy,
This is Evelyn O'Neal from GHS. I just recently came across your blog...well, it's a long story and I'll tell you later. Anyway, I wanted to tell you and your family how saddened I am to hear of the death of your nephew. It is so devastating to lose someone you love so much. I am heartbroken for your sister. Please tell her I am praying for her heart to be comforted as she grieves.

I am so happy for you as you await the arrival of your first baby! I'm really excited for you.

If you have a chance (if Gage doesn't arrive first!) you can email me at I'd love to hear from you.

Hope you have a restful day,
Evelyn (O'Neal) Brush


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