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Thursday, June 23, 2005

What a freaking Momma's Boy!

And no, I'm not talking about Gage.

I'm venting about my DH (darling husband)...
If his mom says it, then it must be true & right. I could say the same darn thing...but until she says it, my comments dont seem to matter...

Example: we're putting our house on the market, and looking @ building in the suburbs. Found a builder we like. New phase of this neighborhood. Fine. But, Damon wanted to go & put the $$ down on Sunday. Our house is JUST now going on the market tonight.

My point of view: what's the rush? If the realtor says that houses in our area should sell within 60 days...and then expect 30-45 before closing...that 90+ days. I dont care if they can have ours built in 90 days. We dont know that the house will sell tomorrow...and I dont want to get into a situation where we put $$ down on the home we're building...and then if our home doesnt sell w/in an allotted time frame--then we lose the home we built & the $$ we put down. Make sense??

Well, Damon calls me just now & his mom's @ our house w/ him. He said, "You know, my mom & I were talking. This is something we need to think about...." & he proceeds to tell me every concern I've expressed to him. WTF? I told him, "I said the same thing."
He asked, "When?"
I said, "Yesterday!!!!"

This sh*t is so frustrating. Stop being such a momma's boy!!!!!!!!


At 9:42 PM , Blogger Mander said...

Ha ha...I think you sound exactly right, no need to rush!


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