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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Here's what says about Gage:

You may notice increased activity when in brighter light and decreased activity in darkened rooms. Your baby's hearing is becoming more acute, which means they are likely to startle in response to a loud or sudden noise.

Standard question I get asked: How are you feeling?
Well, being PG is no longer so much fun. My back seems to hurt all the time. yesterday while at work, it was hurting so bad that I left @ 2pm. Then of course I had to drive home about 40 minutes. That was fun. I immediately got into the tub at home. It seems that a warm bath is pretty much the only thing that helps my back. You know--if they'd just install a bathtub in my office, I wouldnt have had to leave yesterday.

I'm so tired today. Had backache all evening. After the bath it settled down for a bit, but then standing to stir the tortilla soup for dinner just aggravated it again.

Damon went to Blockbuster for us. He got the movie "Birth" with Nicole Kidman. I told him that I heard it was weird. It was too weird for me. I havent finished it yet because that's when my back really started hurting again & I had to get back in the tub.

Then, we started Damon's other movie selection: Boogeyman. It's stupid. I mean, there are certainly startling moments where things jump out & it startles you as a viewer...but the actual story line is really stupid. I fell asleep about an hour into the movie. I dont know if Damon finished it or not.

Only a couple of days until I'm 27.

My back is hurting right now.
I cant leave work everyday that I have a backache, but there doesnt seem to be anything that I can do about it while I'm at work. Tylenol isnt helping.
I'm sure that the scoliosis spine I've got isnt helping things much either. It's not really bad scoliosis or anything. If it was severe, they would have done something about it. My shoulders & hips are off a little bit because of a slight curvature in my spine. Now I'm just convinced that's part of the reason why my back hurts so much. You know, on top of the extra weight I'm carrying around in the front & my weakened abdominal muscles. But, I'm convinced that it is my scoliosis contributing to the backaches because my back always hurts on the same side (my right side) in the same area (mid back...not lumbar back like all the books say is common for when you are PG).

Enough with my bitching & moaning....
but today I'm just not so chipper. I want to go home, get into the tub, & then get in bed & fall back asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



At 9:33 PM , Blogger CBM said...

Ginger told me that you have been having back trouble just like mine, so I popped over to the blog to see if I could offer any support. Maybe just knowing you have a kindred spirit out there will help.

I have mild scoliosis, too. Two curves (I'm an S shape) plus five twisted vertebrae in my neck and in the lowest part of my back. During my pregnancy, I saw a chiropractor once a week (Activator method...very gentle, no back-cracking...see I think). It was time and money (co-pays on ins) well spent. The more pg I got, the more glad I was to go each week. I think the key was the five to ten minutes (whatever I could stand) on the "roll-y table" before my adjustments. It was a table with massage rollers that went up and down my back to relax the muscles. I am convinced that that is what got me through the pgncy so well. (And I was really skeptical when I started chiropractic care.) My adjustments seemed more effective after the muscles were relaxed. And she didn't charge me for the time on the roll-y table since I was pg. Maybe you can find something like that to help with the muscle tension. I agree with you that your pain is scoliosis related. The muscles are working so much harder to support your crazy spine while dealing with all the added pressure that everything tends to go into sort of a constant spasm. I HAVE BEEN THERE!!! You will make it...but I highly recommend chiropractic care or at very least regular pregnancy massage therapy.

Stretching exercises may help some too. I feel for you! I know you are hot in Texas, and that's not helping. The more pg you get, the more important to stay off your feet as much as possible too. All that pressure on your spine is a killer!

Feel free to email me for moral support ANY TIME. I know I'm a stranger, but seeing as how I'm Ginger's friend, that means I'm only two degrees separated from I'm not that much of a stranger after all. :)


At 7:26 AM , Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Carol---thanks so much!!!
I went to a chiropractor when I was in high Mom's going to get me the contact info for him so that I can start going again.

I agree that it will be money well spent!!!

At 1:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, This is awesome! Clears up
some contradictions I've seen


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