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Friday, June 24, 2005


Well, thank goodness it's Friday.
And, I'm working a 1/2 day today! ...but, I have to come in for 4 hours tomorrow to train a new employee. But still....only 1/2 a day today! Woohoo!!!!!!

We get to see the maternity proofs tomorrow @ 3, so that'll be fun.

We signed the contract w/ the realtor last night to get the house on the market.

Damon put up a bookshelf in Gage's room for me. It's from pottery barn kids, and it is sooooooo cute! I went & picked it up @ the store night before last. Love it.

Still tired of being pregnant. I cry at least once a day because my back hurts so bad. The only thing that really makes it feel better is laying down...and even then I have to switch my positions frequently or my back gets stiff. I'm so ready to have this baby!!!! Not only am I ready to be unpregnant...I'm ready to see him & meet him.

I think he's probably going to be shy. I dont know...but, whenever he's kicking, I can put my hand down there & he kicks on. But, for some reason, when most people put there hand on my belly to feel him kick--he moves away. He doesnt like strangers, I guess.

People who've felt him kick (besides my doctors of course):
Damon (sometimes)
Jamie (once)
Linda - my mother in law (once)
Vicki (once)
Monica (once)

That's it. Tons of people have tried, but he gets shy.

will he have curly blonde hair like Damon did when he was born? Will he have dark hair & dark eyes like me? Damon has blue eyes...will he have blue eyes? Please Lord, dont let him get my eyebrows! Dont let him get my height....let him be tall like Damon! Will he have my jawline & olive skin...or will he get those features from his daddy?
Oh--there's so much I want to know!!!!!


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