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Monday, March 28, 2005

Did I feel the baby?

Okay, several times today, there's been a tapping feeling below my belly button, kind of to the left, but kind of in the center.... anyway--doctors here say it may be the baby! Augh!!! But, they say that I will know for sure later in the pregnancy...if they feel the same only stronger, then I will know for sure that it's the baby moving/kicking....woo-hoo!

I had to meet with this woman here at the hospital who works in PR. Her first thought was that I'm having a girl. Melissa thinks it's a girl. Dad thinks it's a girl. We'll have to see....

Less than one month until we find out!!!!!

Happy Belated Easter.

Talked to Jessica. She's 27 weeks, and decided on names: Abigail & Shiloh.

Today's been crazy at work. But, I did get PeiWei for lunch. Yum lettuce wraps.

Lots of work has gone on around the house. We've still got some to do...but I am so proud of Damon for all of the work he's done. His own form of nesting I suppose.

Okay--I'm out of here for today!

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