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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Otis made me late this morning...well, almost.

Otis who?
Otis Redding, of course.

Okay, see last night there was this girl on American Idol & she sang an Otis Redding song...said she'd never heard it before. I made the comment, "Who hasnt heard that song before??" Damon thought I was an idiot--I guess because he didnt know the song. So, he challenged me to name the title & artist.
I accepted the challenge, and clearly won. "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding. I then said that I'm a huge Otis fan. Well, he challenged me again to name more Otis songs.
Okay...Dock of the Bay....then I went blank.

So, I tossed & turned all night with remnants of lyrics going through my head.
This morning---just as I was getting ready to write more song names on the mirror with eye liner, Damon woke up & came in the bathroom. I thought of like 4 or 5 more songs! I dont think that I could think of 5 songs for any other artist.
Anyway. Clearly, I won the challenge & needed to inform Damon this morning.
So...I was almost late.

I should have just called in this morning.
I am seriously so emotionally & physically drained from my day so far, that I dont have the energy to type all about it. But--I was crying at my desk...I've been in my boss's office twice bitching about how frustrated I am...and I do not know what it is that keeps me from just walking out at times. Seriously. So, of course Damon calls when I am crying at my desk...and he thinks that if I cry too much then I will miscarry....which is good & bad for me...anyway--so he calls, and I'm crying and he tells me to just quit & I'll get another job. thanks. I told him that if I am going to have to get another job if I quit this one..then I will just keep this one. If he would tell me, "Sweetie, quit your job & stay at home....just rest & then we'll have the baby...oh, it will be great." Well...if he would just say that, then I would already be at home napping on my couch.

I am so incredibly frustrated with certain limitations of my job...or my role here in this hospital....ugh.

Okay...that's all I have to say for now.
To keep me happy, I'll just think about my little fig baby.


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