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Friday, March 04, 2005

Some days...I just hate my job.

Today...I hate my job.
If I would not get are some of the things I might say to people:

When I speak, you need to listen. You know all those questions you just asked me?? Well, I already answered them. But guess what?? You were too busy thinking about what YOU were going to say, to listen to what I was actually saying.

I cannot create a bed at a different hospital. Period. I understand upper management people--that you dont want to keep this patient here. But, I have busted my ass all day to find a place to safely discharge this person..and I have been told by all of the psychiatric care providers in the county that they dont have space! Nobody has space! Nobody has a bed for the psych patient! You are just going to have to suck it up, and keep the patient for at least one more day. And furthermore, If you are not satisfied with my answer or the work I have put into this case, I will gladly sign the case over to you, and you can find a place to send this patient. cant afford housing, transportation, your antibiotics....but you can afford cigarrettes & cocaine & alcohol??? Suddenly, I dont feel so bad for you. You are the one putting your wants before your needs. Not me. Your actions are telling me that you dont believe that you need housing...or transportation...or antibiotics. So, go without. Go without, and go buy drugs instead.

I have so emotionally clocked out for the day.
I cant wait to go home & take a nap.
I'm moody.
I'm cranky.
I'm sleepy.
My neck & shoulders hurt.
And my eyes sting when I blink....that's how sleepy I am.
This sucks.

On the bright side:
I get off work soon.
I get to leave & pass my cases onto the evening social worker.
I get to sleep when I get home.
Tomorrow is Saturday!!! Yay!!!


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