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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


PIR...Pregnancy Induced Retardation.
Not a politically correct term...but so applicable at this time.

(Melissa, you'll get a kick out of this story...)
I was recently informed by my husband, who was informed by Bank One, that I have suffered yet another episode of PIR.
When I get paid, my paycheck is directly deposited into my personal checking account. I then cut a check to our joint checking account (Bank One) to help pay for bills, groceries, etc. So, on Friday--after work, I stopped by Bank One to make my bi-weekly deposit. Well, had I gotten in the line in the lobby, there would have been about 15 laborers in front of me, all there to cash their paychecks. So--being the brainiac that I am known to be...I decide to use the deposit feature of the ATM.
Here's where the PIR kicks in. I apparently put a blank check in for a deposit. According to Bank One, I endorsed the back of it, and intended to write it for the amount on the deposit slip....I just failed to fill out the entire front portion of the check. I'm an idiot!

Okay...thought you guys would get a kick out of this.



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