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Friday, March 18, 2005

Oh, my achey BBs!

Mine are huge & achey.
They've passed through the perfectly perky stage. Now, they are huge & seem to be growing by the minute. I'm sure Damon doesnt think they are too big...I mean really--for a man, can they ever be "too big"?
But for me.... oh, my, gosh.
Imagine a pair of Buicks balancing on top of a Thanksgiving wishbone. That's what I feel like.

Thought the morning sickness was over...
Walked into the bathroom this morning. Just looked at the toilet. Next thing I know--here comes all the bile in my body! Puking on an empty really just a cruel, cruel, part of pregnancy. I mean, it's not productive whatsoever.

Okay...I think today is going to suck at work.
I havent heard from megan, so I need to call her.
I'm outta here!



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