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Monday, March 21, 2005

2nd Trimester....

Well, I keep getting conflicting I in the 2nd trimester, or not? some info says that the beginning of the 13th week marks the beginning of the 2nd trimester. Other stuff says that the 2nd trimester begins at the beginning of the 4th week.
so--who knows?? the point is...I may or may not be in the second trimester...but I am definitely 13w1d pregnant.

This morning's weigh in: 121 lbs. I've officially gained 11 pounds. Not too shabby.
At least 5 of those pounds are my new breasts. I know it.

My tummy is not feeling too well. I dont think it's morning sickness. I think I'm slowly getting over that... but every time I eat dairy, my tummy is upset for about 1-3 hours afterward. It varies.... anyway...I had yogurt for breakfast...and a bowl of pears & pineapple. Now my tummy is all upset from the yogurt...but I know that I need my calcium... oh, the drama!

Movie Reviews from the weekend:

"Saved": had Mandy Moore in it. I thought it was pretty cute. Totally up my alley--cheesey...Damon never would have sat through it.

"Saw": what unexpected twists & turns. Damon & I actually liked it, even though I heard a bunch of people say that it was stupid.

"Napolean Dynomite": started watching it last night. I think it is freaking hilarious! Damon thinks it just might be the dumbest movie ever made...... which, I already know cannot be true because I've seen the movie, "Dolomite" which is in fact, the dumbest movie ever made.

What else....this weekend, we worked out butts off outside. We put up landscape lighting along the front. Raked...and bagged & bagged leaves. Damon also installed a tree mounted light that illuminates the yard outside of what will be the nursery. We trimmed hedges along the side of the yard. We live on a corner, so along the street side of the corner, there are tons of hedges that needed to be trimmed...and we used the blower to clean out the leaves that were stuck in the crevices of the retaining wall.... It was an all day event.
And muscles are sooooo freaking tired! My pecs & forearms hurt this morning as I tried to staple a packet of papers. I tell you...this is for the birds!'s amazing how much of an impact the landscape lighting has on the house. It was the best money we spent all weekend. Didnt cost much--and looks amazing. We love it. After dark on Saturday night we stood in the yard & just looked at our lighting!

Oh, and some of the Begonias that we planted last summer are back or still there... I was surprised to find them under the leaves in the flower beds. Also, the Daffodils are done blooming for us, so I cut them back.

In the house, we...well, I should give credit where credit is due--Damon primed the bottom portion of the hallway. I think he's going to paint today.
We also fixed the front door knob. The door handle/knob broke. The lock didnt open & close like it should have, so we bought a new one....which--I had no idea that door hardware like that is so expensive. Anyway--so we bought the new hardware. Take the old set out...and try to install the new doesnt fit. The holes in the door have been cut too big. So, I went back to Home Depot, and found out that there is a plate thing that you can that's what Damon & I worked on Saturday morning.
Oh, and Damon replaced a lock on a bedroom wasnt very secure so we bought a new one.
and, Damon replaced the batteries in two of the smoke detectors...we still have one more to install. (So...that will be one in the kitchen, one in the hall, and I guess we'll put the 3rd one in the baby's room). We've got 1 carbon monoxide detector...Is that enough??? It is in the hall...

Enough about me...
Susan & David bought a house. They move..soon...I think...I forget. I dunno when they move. But their dog, charlie, will have a yard now, so that'll be easier on them!
Megan's grandmother died, so she's sad & having a rough time right now. Hugs & prayers to her!

That's all I know for now.
I've got to get some work done.



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