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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dammit Damon. Dammit Dixon.

We have two front doors. An outer glass door & a heavier, regular front door. The glass door has one of those air spring close things. So, the door kind of has a delayed close. Well, Damon never pays attention when he goes out the door. the cat snuck out. The last time the cat got out it was when he didnt pay attention. Also, the cat was gone for days. And--he got his ass kicked. He had a back nail torn off of his paw. He had a 3 inch cut along his back on the side. He had some other smaller cuts or puncture wounds--like he got into a fight with another cat.

So--now he's pissed at me because I pointed this out.
I dont care. I'm mad. I love the cat. He is just annoyed by the cat.
I pay attention when I open & close the door. He does not.
It is his fault--no matter what he says.

He said that he tried to get the cat, but Dixon hissed at him, so he left him outside.
Dont even get me started on that comment.


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