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Monday, April 29, 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...

Gage had an assignment at school to recycle things from around your home or trash, and make something out of it. Luckily, the directions did not read, "make something functional out of it."

So....Gage made a remote control robot from stuff around the house. I helped him brainstorm with items around here and we came up with a drawing/plan. Daddy helped with the actual assembly of the robot, as that was Gage's request... "No, I want Daddy to do it!" {Where is this coming from!? *sniff*sniff*}


The final product:
...and my husband would like the world to know that he doesn't spend ALL of his time in white undershirts. He feels that perhaps he is disproportionately represented here as one who forever wears his undies around the house. To note, he has nice clothes. He wears them to work. Then he comes home and gets comfortable. Just so y'all know....


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