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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby Products You Don't Need....

So, I recently read this article/list on, about Baby Items You Don't Need....

So, in a nutshell, here are my opinions, b/c on some of these, I disagree!
The list:
1. Diaper Genie (or any other diaper disposal system for that matter)
2. Baby Shoes
3. Baby Laundry Detergent
4. Crib Accessories
5. Double Stroller
6. Baby Sized Food Processor
7. Oversized Diaper Bag
8. Video Baby Monitor


Okay, so here are my thoughts:
1. We had a diaper disposal system when we had Gage. Used it. It was soooooo gross to change! So gross. So, this time, I'm trying a different kind that has better reviews. We'll see.... But, I like the idea of having a place there in the nursery to dispose of the diaper and not carrying my clean baby and a dirty diaper to the garage big trash can to toss. I'm just saying....

2. Baby shoes.... Yeah, so they aren't necessary, but they are soooooo cute! And at times, you know, they really complete an outfit. Sometimes you just really can't resist.

3. We use detergent that's free of dyes and scents, and all that jazz because Gage has super sensitive skin. So, we don't have to make any changes in that department, but I think that other families do. You don't want all those dyes and perfumes on your new baby! I'm not all in favor of "baby detergent," but I think using a milder soap to wash the blankets and bedding and baby clothes is a good idea...

4. Crib accessories? Yeah....I don't have much of an opinion on this. We have a pretty bare crib. No bumpers....

5. Double stroller: they put that this is not necessary on their list? Well, okay, it's not necessary if you've got a singleton coming....or two that are super spaced apart in age, like mine. But, I can just imagine that if I had twins or two little ones, I'd want a double stroller. Imagine your two year old running off and you've got to chase him/her, but then you have to leave the stroller and the new baby. What do you do???? Now, I'm clearly not 'in the know,' with regard to those specific situations, but I can imagine I'd want to have a stroller to accommodate both of them. I'd rather push little kids in a stroller than chase them all about in public...

6. Baby sized food processor: Ohhhh, my husband is sooooo going to laugh that this is on the list because I wanted one so bad, and I actually got two at my first shower! He thinks this is the dumbest waste of space and money. Me? I disagree! I am actually excited to make baby food! The point in the article is that your food processor will work just as well, and these create smaller portions. My point: I don't have a food processor, so I need a baby food maker! My husband's point: you don't like cooking, so why do you think you'll like doing this, especially with a baby on your hip??? The answer: I don't know, but I'm going to try it!

7. Oversized diaper bag: I'm sorry, but I don't ever recall a moment where I have said or thought, "Golly, I wish this diaper bag were smaller." That's just crazy to me. If you want to run out on a short errand or short trip to the park, you grab a diaper & a small wipes container, and you just go.... Nobody says that you have to take the diaper bag everywhere you go.... But hey, that one time that you just run up the road to the park with your friends....that's when your kid will walk up to you covered in a substance that looks like brownie batter {head to toe, hands included}, and you'll learn that the muffins your friend shared with your son were FiberOne muffins {Shit-uffins, as they are now known....}. And you know what will happen? You'll sit there with your 2 wipes, 1 diaper, and only source of water being the playground drinking fountain....just wishin' you had that big ol' full diaper bag! {Hey, I'm just sayin'.....}

8. Video baby monitor: Are you kidding me? THIS is on the list???? We didn't have one with Gage, but I wish we had. You put your baby/child down for a nap. Sure, the room may get quiet, but that doesn't me that they are asleep. I would have been able to better calculate nap times if I'd had the video monitor. Oh, and what's worse??? When it gets quiet in there, so you sloooooowwwwly turn the doorknob and open the door, just to make sure.....and up pops a little head who thinks naptime is over. A video monitor would eliminate those "Why the hell did I just open this door" moments. My friend Susan's video monitor was the first one I'd actually seen in use. It was like baby crack. Little M was down for a nap, and I could barely look up from the little portable screen during conversation because I was just glued to watching him sleep. I think video monitors for the nursery rock, and I just can't believe that they put them on the list. that's my $0.02 on the article....

Let me provide you with a small sampling of baby items that I think are stupid, or impractical, or...well, I just wouldn't have them....

1. The Tummy Tub
 Does it look comfortable to bend over like that to bathe the baby? It doesn't to me. The pitching points of this product: it's popular in Europe. It's non-toxic plastic. It keeps the baby warm if you fill the water up to the baby's shoulders. ....something about it's center of gravity to keep from tipping over easily.
What's not a selling feature to me? The fact that when I googled pics for this product, images like this come up and they TOTALLY FREAK ME OUT!
It looks like the baby's head is under water, but then you look again and realize it isn't. Whatever. I'm not going there. I have no intention of spending $45 on a bucket to wash my baby in. If I want to wash my baby in a bucket, I'll go to the garage and find something suitable. {Though, I can't imagine in a million years that I will ever decide to do that...}

2. Baby Bangs
Yes, this is just crazy. CRAZY. Baby hair pieces so that your little girl doesn't look bald or bald-ish....

3. Baby heels. As in, high-heels. This is just stupid.
{Hey, Hubby, that baby food maker isn't looking so dumb after all, now is it!?}

4. Sniffle Buddies
Riiiiiight..... Because teaching your kid to wipe his boogers on his wrist, and then later breaking that habit when you introduce tissue is such a good idea.... If he's old enough to understand where to wipe his boogers, he's old enough to grab a Kleenex. I'm just saying....

5. Outlet Covers.
In general, I'm a fan of babyproofing the home, and covering outlets... But not like this.
Seriously. Babies are going to be drawn to cool, bright colors that likely stick out against your wall paint/outlet color. Duh!!!!! I just think that no, this is not a good idea.... Call me crazy....

Okay, so that's the end of my list for now.
My brain hurts.



At 8:35 AM , Blogger Stephanie said...

Haha, I love your list much more than the one from the article you found. I can't believe some of the products people come up with! What kind of diaper pail are you going with this time? Ours is ok, but it's not great. And I agree, the video monitor is a must!!

At 9:20 AM , Blogger Rikki said...

Your list is hilarious to me!! I STILL use a Diaper Genie! We own two! One for pull ups because the girls still wear them at night and one for the baby's room. I am a fan. I am not a fan of stinky diapers or pull ups. Double stroller...had one, used it once. Sold it. Total waste of money. Never had a video baby monitor mainly because when my baby is asleep, I am doing things...not wanting to watch the baby. I think wipe warmer is complete waste of money. Baby shoes, not practical but yes, cute.

At 10:42 AM , Blogger Miss A said...

Your list confirms what I have thought for months now...we would totally be friends IRL!

At 11:44 AM , Blogger Aubs said...

double stroller ~ they're smoking crack and have clearly never parented a toddler. 2 toddlers/preschoolers would make a double stroller a need.

baby sized food processor ~ had one. used it. loved it!

oversized diaper bag ~ you said it all perfectly! shit-uffins made me laugh out loud!!

And your list of items?? Hilarious! I had no idea any of those things existed!!

At 5:22 AM , Blogger Brandie said...

I like your list!!

At 12:44 AM , Anonymous Baby Trend Stroller said...

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