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Monday, April 22, 2013

35 Weeks...

How far along? 35 Weeks (on Tuesday, 4/23)

Size of Baby:  From, "Your baby is standing tall (so to speak) this week at about 20 inches and continues her steady weight gain (she’s about 5.5 pounds). While she won't get much longer, she will continue to pack on the pounds — including large amounts of baby fat — right up 'til delivery day. Something else that's moving at a mind-boggling pace these day: fetal brain development! There’s a lot going on inside that tiny head, which is, by the way, still soft to allow an easier exit through the birth canal."

But....from, the baby is the size of a coconut. Gotta say----that doesn't feel right.... 

Baby Milestones:  According to, "The kidneys are fully developed now, and her liver can process some waste products. Most of her basic physical development is now complete — she'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight." {You & me both, baby..... I look forward to that....}

Maternity Clothes: Not quite cutting it these days. This belly of mine is hanging out of the bottom of most of my shirts! It's sooooo crazy. I've stocked up on some longer Old Navy tanks to layer with my clothes so that I'm not ALWAYS flashing the belly at everyone....

Gender:  Been told multiple times that it's a girl.... I hope it's true because the room and clothes are geared for a girl!

Belly Button In/Out: Still in, but getting flatter.

Feeling: Better than I was. I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday night, at 2am to be exact, and just started throwing up. It was awful. I was throwing up off & on until 4am. Finally went back to sleep. Went to the doctor on Monday. Likely food poisoning. UGH. What did I have for dinner Sunday night? Cheerios. I doubt I got a bad batch of Cheerios.... So, who knows what caused it??? But, I have to say that by 7am that morning, I was keeping water down, and I kept down some soup before I ever even went to the doctor. I had Zofran on hand, but oh my gosh, the side effects are less than desirable. "Why didn't you go ahead and take some? It's perfectly safe during pregnancy." I didn't go ahead and take it because I was mentally weighing the vomiting spell which may pass vs. the side effects of Zofran, and trying to decide if it was worth it. Ultimately, I was told to take the Zofran. I did. And I took Prilosec which I will now be taking daily instead of 'as needed.' I also get to test my urine now for ketones because I was positive for ketones this morning at the dr's appointment. My Monday was spent catching up on sleep, drinking room temp Gatorade, taking Zofran, and testing my urine. Oh, and I took a Prilosec. The good news: after all the Gatorade I've had, my urine ketones fall in the range now between "negative" and "trace." Yay for rehydration!
{What are ketones? What is she talking about? From "Ketones are produced when the body starts breaking down stored or ingested fat for energy. This can happen when you're not getting enough carbohydrates (your body's usual source of energy).If you're suffering from severe nausea and vomiting or you've lost weight, your practitioner may check your urine for ketones. If your ketone reading is high and you can't keep any food or liquid down, you may need intravenous fluids and medication. If ketones are found in combination with sugar, it could be a sign of diabetes.}

Best Moment this Week:  Hands down, it was my Mamasita coming to the rescue. She helped me in the nursery. We got the curtains hung. She emptied the whole room and then we reorganized the closet, and then we put things back in the room. It's soooo awesome to have it more organized, and I feel like I can move on to super-cleaning the rest of the house. Namely: our bedroom. Why? Because I want it to be super clean and organized before the bassinet is all set up and ready. I want to switch sides of the bed with Hubby so that I can be on the side with the bassinet. If I put the bassinet on my current side, it will interfere with the bathroom doors, and I just don't want all that.... So, anyway....those are my plans.

Wanna see some pics of the nursery while we're still in progress???
Here I am at work....

And here are some of the more finished, but the nursery's not quite finished pics....

Above the changing table, Hubby thinks it would be perfect for a TV. He's kind of right because the TV hookups are on that wall behind the dresser, but I just don't think we need a TV in there just yet.... So, I'm scoping out some mirrors to hang there.

Okay, so see the blue tape on the floor? That's the outline of the bookshelf dimensions. The bookshelf that is on back order for now.... And, just an FYI, I was tempted to take the blue tape up the wall to the 61 inches tall that bookshelf stands....but I refrained. In reality, since the bookshelf is on back order until August, the earliest her little nursery would really see it is September. So, I will likely take the tape up and store all of the bookshelf intended items under the crib until them...because the closet is full.
See where the strollers are parked? That's where the rocker is going!
Here's the rocker. Except, ours is going to be white on white....AND, it's coming this FRIDAY! {Or at least it's supposed know, we've been down that road before with the crib, so we'll see....but Friday is the plan.}

I still need to get a few things for the nursery and add all of the finishing touches, but for the most part, it's done! Yaaaay!

What I Miss: Seriously? I miss so many things at this point it's practically unreal.... In this very moment, I miss holding my son in my lap in any type of comfortable manner. I miss rolling over in bed. I miss sleeping through the night, though I won't experience that for quite some time.... I miss moving quickly. I miss hopping in and out of the car. I miss being able to do a full day of anything. I miss wearing cute shoes. Now it's basically, "Which flip flops look better with this?" Why? Because going out in public in my house shoes is just not something I'm ready to do.... or plan to do.... ever. I miss being able to tie my own shoes. I miss wearing rings on my fingers. I miss blowdrying my hair. (Seriously, if I stand through a shower, then I don't have the energy to then stand for the length of time it takes to blowdry my hair, so if I'm going to plan on having straight hair, I have to plan it at least 24 hours in advance because it will be an all day event to shower, shave my legs, and then blowdry my hair.) Oh, there are soooo many things that I miss.....

What I am Looking Forward To: The delivery of the rocker, the delivery of this baby girl! Mostly, I think I'm ready to have all of the nursery done, all of my exchanges/returns done, the house totally clean and the bassinet ready to roll. Oh! You know what else??? I found that I was light on burp cloths, so I ordered some cute ones off Zulily, AAAANNNNDDDD, they had my gDiapers on there for Earth Day! Yaaaaay!!!!! I ordered this:
Not everyone seems on board with the gDiaper trial that I intend to do.... Here's my plan: recover from the c-section. During that time, use disposables. I'm thinking we'll use disposables primarily through size 1. So, I've only gotten myself gDiapers in size M. They are cloth "gPants", like an cloth diaper. Then, they have a waterproof liner/pouch. You then can opt for cloth inner liners, or disposable inner liners. The disposable inner liners are supposed to be flushable, but I'm not brave enough to go there. I'm not trying to clog our whole system and have Hubby get mad at me! But, the disposable inner liners are smaller than traditional disposable diapers, and they are biodegradable, so that just makes me feel like I'm making a nicer choice for the Earth.

At this point, if it doesn't work out, I'm only out about $120 because Zulily had on the gDiaper bundle. Yaaaay!

Next Appointment: Well, I was supposed to go see my OB on Thursday, but since one of his partners worked me in Monday, I'm not going to go on Thursday now. I'm going to go on in next week, and I'll be going in weekly from this point forward.

In summation: (1) almost got the nursery finished, (2) got really sick, getting over it, probably food poisoning. (3) gDiapers & rocker coming soon. Yaaaay.



At 6:40 PM , Blogger Ann Wyse said...

So funny about standing in the shower/sitting to dry your hair. Yes! I totally hear you!

At 7:22 PM , Blogger Amanda said...

Nice! Love seeing how that furniture is all fitting together :)

We are also going to try cloth diapers with disposable inserts and maybe a few cloth inserts. I ordered just 3 Grovia to try out but then (shockingly) scored 4 newborn all-in-ones that were barely used on Ebay (I never win ANYTHING I bid on).

I hope you'll post about the G-diapers and what you think, because they're really comparable to Grovia, I think!

At 6:05 AM , Blogger Aubs said...

Boo to being sick but the nursery is sooo sweet!! LOVE the curtains and LOVE that her closet is FULL already!! ha!! So excited for you!

At 8:47 AM , Anonymous Jessica W. said...

The nursery looks beautiful! I am so excited for your family:)

At 4:00 PM , Blogger Erica said...

I used cloth diapers exclusively and loved it!


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