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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Recovery Part 1....

So, the first few days after surgery were awesome. We all wish Gage would have slept more, but other than that, he was a total rockstar!

Dr.G told us that this might happen.... That he might do great for the first few days and then hit his roughest and toughest part of recovery. Why? Because they gave him IV steroids during surgery and after the first 2-3 days they wear off and the hard part begins.


During the first few days, this boy was HUNGRY! And BUSY!

I posed for him and he sketched me....

Looks just like me, right???

So, during this recovery we've learned that the highs are pretty high, and the lows are pretty low---involving tummy aches, some vomiting, Gage's body creating a yellow nasty layer coating his throat, him coughing up the most awful phlegm and yellow throat scab, and then crying, and fever, and all that.....

....but when he feels good, he's totally up beat and fun, and helpful, and sweet....

I'm so ready for this surgery recovery to be over!



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