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Thursday, January 24, 2013



I had fun hanging with my mom for a few days, and I definitely got a nap in every day....but I just needed to get back home.

So, I was able to come back to the germ-den on Wednesday. Let the cleaning begin!
It's Thursday now. I just did my 6th load of dishes in 2 days. My 6th and FINAL LOAD of dishes so that now I can see the empty sink. Hallelujah!

Poor Hubby. To be down with the flu and the primary caregiver to a kid with the flu at the same time? He's a better man than I!  I complain about the massive amounts of dishes and laundry, but really---they were both alive and on the mend when I returned home, so I really can't complain at all. I'd rather do the cleaning that trade places with him and endure the flu while single parenting! some point on their adventures in flu-hell, the dog ran out of food. Don't worry, he apparently ate his weight in cereal when Gage left a box within his little doggie-reach. Awesome....

So, backing up.... Here's Gage on Saturday morning at urgent care. Poor buddy didn't feel well...

 Waiting for his x-ray...
No pneumonia!

...back at home:
Then Sunday rolled around.... Daddy was sick, and Gage wasn't much better!
{Tissue, anyone?? Check out the tissue pile on the table. YUCK!}

I hit the pharmacy yet again to get Tamiflu, but this time it was for Daddy... Check out the cold & flu section for meds. HOLY COW! Bare shelves!!!
My plan of defense:

....and then I was told by my husband, mother, and my OB to get the hell outta there. So, I cried, and then I packed, and then I left. That was Sunday.

Now, it's Thursday, and I'm playing catch-up on housework. This evening Gage and I will play catch-up on school work because he missed two days of school this week and in preparation for his surgery which will now take place next Wednesday. (1/30/13)

So far, 2013 has been rough.
....but, that's okay. We'll get through it, and we'll persevere, and we'll put it behind us. We'll move onto happier times when they roll our way! For now, we are grateful that Hubby and Gage are on the mend, and all things considered, we are abundantly blessed., if I could just stop craving fried green tomatoes like the ones I had at The Diner in Tyler. OMG, they are delicious! I want more!!!!



At 1:04 PM , Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Your husband is a superhero! But I think you all most have some magically powers to be making it through this. Sounds like it'll start to be really, truly better with the new month... crossing my fingers for you.

At 6:53 PM , Blogger Aubs said...

woo hoo! glad you're home and that your guys are doing better!! praying no more sickness, successful surgery for Gage and lots of good days ahead for y'all!! =)

At 8:56 PM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Glad you stayed healthy! And that they are both on the mend.

At 2:19 PM , Blogger Erica said...

yucky flu! My boys all came down with it while I was relaxing on a cruise ship!!!

At 1:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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