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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Well, we had the in-laws over for lunch on Christmas Eve.... Mmmm, chili! How very non-traditional, and super-easy.

We went to the Children's & Family Worship Service at our church. It was soooo crowded! It was sooo wonderful! So glad that we got there early!

Pics from church...

No, it doesn't look crowded in this first picture---because we got there so early!

(Gage and I were probably the last two to blow our candles out after most people were out of the sanctuary. We loved the candle lighting....though, he got a bit nervous, afraid he was going to drop it during the service...)

Back at home, when he was 1/2 undressed, he got to pick one gift and open it....

Then what?
Snacks and fun with some friends....
These boys are a MESS!

We were there until 8:45 or so....and when we came home, I made our French Toast Casserole to set and merry overnight....
(Thank you, Courtney, for the recipe! We love it!)

Daddy made us hot cocoa and Gage wiggled his way out of wearing his Christmas jammies. He's growing up, and he's not wanting to wear Christmas jammies....sniff*sniff!

Daddy read Olive the Other Reindeer, per Gage's request. The book is on loan from Gage's 1st grade teacher.

...after that, Gage snuggled down quickly into Mommy and Daddy's bed. He was sooooo worried that he would stay up too late, and Santa would skip over our house. I've never seen a kid so worked up about it!

Luckily for us this year, we were in bed shortly after Gage!

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