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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year's Eve....

Well, New Year's Eve was a big day for us.
I won't expand on that, but let's just say it was a great day, and marks the start of a new adventure.

That night, we went out to eat with our dear friends, James & Jess.
We ate at Culpepper Steakhouse. Who would have guessed that we would run into some family friends from years ago? {Hi, Al & Paula, if you're reading!!!} It's a small world.

For dinner, I had the lobster {not the fried lobster tail that is a regular on the menu, but rather a more traditional take on the lobster tail} & it was wonderful. The whole meal was wonderful!

...until the hostess made a flub of a mistake, but I won't harp on that just now. In reality it didn't take away from the taste of the food, which again, was wonderful.

After that....we adults headed home....where we found R1 & Gage still awake & awaiting our return! R1's grandmother watched the boys (including Gage) while we dined out. After dinner, we all reconvened at The Casa de Lainey-Paney for some Mexican Train dominos. It was great fun!

I can't believe we all got dressed up, looked so cute, and I didn't even take any pictures! Ugh!!!

Alas, I snapped pictures of these two who zonked out on the couches...

2011 brought us Mom's cancer treatments & healing. It brought us blessings in disguise. It brought us a new hospital with new coworkers, and a lot of change. It brought us Kindergarten and new friends. It brought us hope and new opportunities.
We have big hopes & dreams for 2012, so pray for us.

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At 8:07 AM , Blogger Beth said...

All best wishes for your hopes, dreams and adventure for 2012!

At 12:11 PM , Anonymous Annabeth said...

Sounds like 2012 will be amazing for you! Culpeppers is YUMMY!

At 9:24 PM , Anonymous misguided mommy said...

No expand expand you must expand WHAT HAPPENED MUST KNOW!!!!!!!


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