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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas Celebration #1....

First we celebrated Christmas at Darnin & PawPaw's House.
We arrived the night before the big festivities, and PawPaw & Gage got the party started with a jam session. I just have to mention: this child of mine has got some rhythm. He needs to be in music lessons or choir of some kind. He's got rhythm & harmony, and all of those special music skills.

And then the jam session got larger! Who doesn't want to jam???

Even Ranger came upstairs for the jam session...

Darnin got Gage a new Llama Llama book. Gage loved it!

She also got him the above llamas...or alpacas...or whatever they are.

Several of us played Catch Phrase in the kitchen, and these two sacked out in the living room....


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At 4:42 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Happy times! Good to see and read about...

(thanks for your comment)

At 8:05 PM , Anonymous Ginger said...

Love us some Llama Llama...and even more exciting is that someone on the way to the boys' school actually owns a freaking llama...who owns a freaking llama? Crazy I know. We are STILL reading the about Holiday Drama and probably will be through summer! :)


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