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Monday, January 09, 2012

The D's 2nd Annual Christmas Party

How much fun are the D's Annual Christmas Parties?
A Ton of Fun!
That's how much fun!

We missed several of our neighborhood couples this year, though. Kids get sick, and holiday calendars fill up, and babysitters can be hard to come by at the holiday season. So, for those that missed the party, just know that we missed you guys too!

The Lovely Hostess & Host: Annabeth & Trey

Some of our group....

...there's always Karaoke.

We have the MOST fun with the white elephant gifts! {This year, we took Snooki & The Situation ornaments as one gift, and some super cheap cologne as the other gift.}

This year, the pecker-mug really made me laugh. The Santa-themed banana hammock was also pretty funny. I came home with leopard print lingerie. Wooohooo! {clearly, we've got some sick friends, right? Whatever! We all love it!}

We have a lot of fun at the D's Christmas Party...

...what? what's that over there?

Awkward Friendly Photo! (And hey---check out Santa in the background. He clearly knows what's up.)

...things just get crazy...

How does the party end?
With Patrick & Amanda serving up breakfast! It's happened now 2 years in a row, so that makes it tradition, right? {We all love it, so please, please, please let it be tradition!}

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