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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My Pretty Woman Moment.

This little situation happened a while ago....and sadly, I must report that it didn't involve Richard Gere or a Lotus Esprit.

It involves a florist, some peonies, and a very rude comment.

So---I stop at The Rockwall Flower Shop on my way home on the day of Aubri's dance recital. I wanted to get her a little pink bouquet for her first dance recital. I wanted light pink flowers so that they would match, but not clash with her hot pink costume.
I waited until the last minute, so I knew that I would just have to pick from flowers they had on hand, so I was fully prepared to be flexible.

What I was not prepared for was the snotty-ass comment that I got. I saw that they had peonies. Pink & perfect. I asked for a small bouquet of about 3 peonies & explained that it was for a 3 year old...

The lady looked at me & said, "You know, peonies are VERY expensive."

Picture my jaw dropping, and deafening silence.
Now, after the fact, I've thought of 8 million things that I could have said &/or done. However, my child was with me.
What I actually said was, "I don't care how much they cost. I want a bouquet of 3 peonies."

And I just think of all the other things I could have said...
"And your point is?"
"What do you mean by that hateful comment?"
"Are you implying that I can't afford them, or are you implying that the intended recipient doesn't deserve them?"
"Have you HAD any training in customer service?"
"You know what---forget it. What you just said was ugly & I wouldn't buy your damned ol' flowers."

I should have gone to another florist, bought some HUUUUUUUGE bouquet & walked back in & said, "Remember when I wanted to buy just 3 peonies, and you made an ugly comment? Big Mistake! Big! Huge."

So, I suppose I only had HALF of a Pretty Woman moment. Why couldn't I have had the other half---the 'I'll show you' part? child was with me, and I needed the flowers to get on with my day, so they got my business that day. But---never again, my friend.

And in the end---I put up with it because I wanted Aubri to have her flowers!

So---to review that place, I'd say that the product itself was good, but the employee was either a rude person, or just didn't realize how ugly her comment sounded.

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At 3:52 PM , Blogger Christy Ann said...

That attitude is just so wrong! At least now you've supplied the florists name other people will think twice about going there... :(

At 10:19 AM , Blogger JoAnna said...

I hate the way it makes you feel. My mom always had low self esteem. We were incredibly poor during my childhood. I clearly remember people in stores treating her badly. I wish we all could have that moment where you show them what a mistake they made. Like me, I know that if Gage hadn't been there you probably would have unleashed unholy terror upon her, but when your a mommy we end up biting our tongues alot!

At 1:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My response is usually...
"Did I ask you what the price is? Ring it up."

and then one of two things happen depending on how annoyed I am.
(1) I just pay & leave never to return

(2) Make them ring it up and then say, "You know your comment really annoyed me. You can keep your stuff." Yep make them ring it up then change my mind. Now they are annoyed too and I'm a heck of a lot less annoyed.

Oh I've done the 2nd option a few times. People just don't think!


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