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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Construction, Posing, & Dancing.

So, I have some construction pictures to show you.

"My shower will be here, you like?"
{Sorry, but that above picture is really a joke, but I just HAD to put it in!}

What will be the potty area....

{Yes, I am pretending to be on the potty & making a silly face. Yes, my son took the picture, and therefore I am headless.}

What WILL be the walk-in closet.

I don't really know the dimensions of the closet area....but the room itself is 270sf, I believe. There is definitely room for a tub in there, but we're not putting one in. Big closet, toilet area, two sinks, and a shower.

The pile of sheetrock on the floor made the perfect stage for us.

We danced, we were rockstars, and Mommy even did the Elaine Benes dance....

{Yes, Dr.Feffa might describe the above photo as "breathtaking." I know.}

Gage had fun being a break-dancer & a rockstar, and we sang our little hearts out!

Oh, it was so much fun.

And yes, the necklace I am wearing is home-made by my son. It's my first mom-necklace, and I adore it. {of course, it's king of like mardi gras beads w/ those colors...not only did I have to show my rack, but I had to grow this child in my womb & nurse him at my bosom. And now, I get to put up with him through the teenage years to come. Lucky me. I've EARNED these beads!}

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At 5:30 PM , Blogger Kate said...

Those are the greatest pictures ever! I love seeing how you delight in Gage.

Tubs are overrated.

At 6:43 PM , Blogger lisa said...

We have that guitar. Isn’t that the most annoying thing ever! Love the mom-necklace!

At 7:29 PM , Blogger Papa Bradstein said...

Fun, and exciting for you, I'm sure, to see it come together. We have that guitar--of course, since our boys must shop together--but in white with red flames. He loves to smash it on the couch at the end of the KISS video, because, well, that's what they do.

At 7:49 PM , Blogger Rikki said...

Totally loving the red guitar....and you SO know why! ;) So what if my gift this year was a total can't win all the time!

At 6:33 AM , Blogger Zephra said...

Thanks for the first picture. I needed that. You really are a cool Mom. He will remember that when he is a teen.

At 8:22 AM , Blogger mpotter said...

looks like fun.
good luck with the renovations!

At 9:30 AM , Blogger NYC Girl said...

You are such a fun mom...I want to come over and hang out with you!
Gage looks so freaking happy! :)

At 2:14 PM , Blogger Heidi said...

That's going to be a great bathroom. I would kill for a walk in closet! Looks like you're having a fun time making it too!

At 11:50 AM , Blogger Christy said...

I love home improvement projects. Can't wait to see the pictures of everything completed.

At 7:45 PM , Anonymous misguided mommy said...

your ripped jeans are so cute. i'm jealous, wish i was skinny enough to wear stuff like that again. i can't wait to see the finished product

At 9:24 PM , Blogger Judy said...

OSSSSSSUM!!!! Loving the fun you guys are having!


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