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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving.....Celebration #3

So, for celebration #3, we headed down to Darnin' & PawPaw's house for our annual Greenberg Turkey feast! {they get this amazing smoked greenberg turkey & we all just LOVE it!}

So, we intended to stay overnight, which meant that Ranger got to go with us! How exciting, right?



He threw up a total of 3 times on the trip down there, and I was the lucky landing spot for two of those events. The third: well, it would have made for a funny video I assure you. As we turned & pulled up the driveway---Ranger started wretching again, and there I was holding the ENTIRE dog out the front passenger window with puke just trailing & stringing alongside. It was disgusting.

I was disgusting.

After I changed clothes---it was a good time....
And really---how can you stay mad at this little guy?

Lunch was supposed to be at 1....but you know...1, 2:30, what's the difference, right???

Cook it up, Darnin!

There was eating...nature walk....playing in the leaves {warrants its own picture post} {as previously posted}....a trip to cuts for me & my sister at the neighbor's! {I got 3 inches cut off my hair!}...

So, here are some pics!

{Just before the following 2 pictures were taken---there was a big discussion between Gage & Trystan about which marshmallows are better: the big ones, or the little ones. Here at our house, we buy the mini-marshmallows, but Gage calls the big ones "Darnin's Marshmallows" because that's the only place he eats the big ones...}

A cello concert by Allen...{even with a cast!}

And breakfast was a big hit too! ...except the deer sausage...ewwwwww!

It was a good time which of course---ended too soon.
And, because no trip can be without TOO much drama----I was upstairs washing my face, doing makeup, brushing teeth, etc. I took my watch & ring off & set them on the side of the vanity. I grabbed a hand towel, turned around, and WHACK! My wedding ring went flying---spiraling down the sink & plunked right down the drain. {WHO DOESN'T HAVE ONE OF THOSE STOPPER/DRAIN FILTER THINGS???!!! My Mother! That's who.}
So, Hubby comes upstairs just as I am frantically tearing through the clothes in my mom's closet looking for a wire hanger {Think---Mommy Dearest...only, I was NEEDING a wire hanger!} Got one, started to take it apart, and Hubby fished out my ring for me.
....whew. My heart didn't break, and I didn't get to have THAT fight with Hubby---because really---would we expect him to acknowledge an accident? Not hardly. He'd be pi$$ed.

Gage & I slept almost the whole way home, and I refused to give Ranger any breakfast that morning---so he remained tucked down comfy on the floorboard for the car trip. I happily report no doggie puke on the way home.

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At 6:26 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Looks like it was a FABULOUS time! Is your mom making the green bean casserole in the second picture - the one with the fried onions on it? LOL


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