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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving.....Celebration #2

We spent Thanksgiving Day with my dad, his wife, Allen, and my grandparents.

We dined...we went for a walk....several times....and I, of course, planned my Black Friday shopping. Hello??!! Isn't that what Thursday afternoon while everyone else is watching football for???

Pics from the day....

And here's me & Papa---mapping out the Black Friday deals. I asked if he wanted to hit the stores with me---but he declined. Who DOESN'T want to be at Toys-r-us at midnight? Gah....

And then Gage & I stopped by Tera's that evening. She had family in, and bless T's heart---she wasn't feeling well. Gage just HAD to play with Sammie, Noah & Aubri, so I indulged him.
I shared my newspaper sale papers, although I was the only crazy one planning to shop all night long...

Which really brings me to my Black Friday post: Toys-r-us @ Midnight---didn't even go into the store. No thank you. WAAAAY too many people there b/c it was the only thing around opening at midnight. The mall opened @ 1am. I was there for that. A few things that I wanted from Radio Shack, but they weren't going to open until 5. Well, because THIS particular store was located in a mall---they were open with their deals at 1am. Lucky me! Game Stop: the wait in line was crazy, and so not worth it for impulse buys---so I put them back. Stopped & bought myself a coat b/c it was COLD outside & I was ill-prepared. I mean---I looked cute in my outfit, but ill-prepared. A few deals to be had at the mall, but not just a ton of what I was looking for. Old Navy @ 3am: I made it into the store in the first cut; did my gathering of goods, and hopped in line. I waited 40 minutes to move 10 feet. I was the gal that hollered, "I fold! I can't do it! I can't wait in this line! Old Navy, you win!!!" Target @5am, Home Depot @6am, LifeWay at 7am....I was a busy gal.

In fact, I was shopping until 10-something in the morning. Yes, 10 consecutive hours of shopping. I was completely USELESS when I got home.

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At 7:29 PM , Blogger Kate said...

I am in awe of your shopping skills!


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