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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just Say "NO!" Sushi.

So....I know that we just went to Kyoto Japan for Hibachi....but, we went again on Friday night. This time, Nathan, Tera, & Aubri came too!

We weren't sure how the kids would do...but they seemed to enjoy it.
Gage had already eaten dinner since we didn't get there until 7:30 or so, but they had the hibachi show to keep them entertained, and they munched on things every now & then. I will say this though: next time I go---I'll order Gage some scrambled eggs & that is about it. He spent forever picking the scrambled egg out of his fried rice, and that was about all that he wanted to eat...

He was impressive with his chopsticks, and did NOT like sushi. (I gave him some of my asparagus roll...I liked it more than the vegetable roll, and I learned that I did NOT like the spider roll.)

That's Gage's new motto: Just Say "NO" to Sushi.

"The fork? Or the chopsticks? Fork? Or chopsticks?"

Gage chose the chopsticks. Handed me the just.the.right.moment. He looks like he's in jail.

They had these little chopstick-cheater things. It made the chopsticks super-easy to use. Even still, I was impressed with Gage's ability to pick out scrambled egg from his fried rice...{pardon the picture quality/color...}

Once the hibachi show was over, the natives grew restless....and had fun playing on 2 vacant chairs next to our table....

It was a good time!
The food was yummy...but this time, with the sushi & the main dishes & the soup & was way too much food. We were wasteful in the end. We won't order NEARLY that much next time!


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At 10:51 AM , Blogger Heidi said...

My kids just say no to Sushi too!LOL
I hope Gage is not snuckered up any more.
Happy belated anniversary! Our 13th was yesterday, the 15th.

At 1:40 PM , Blogger *~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Oh sooo cute! Too bad Gage didn't like the sushi. (I love it!) Maybe he would like tempura since it's kinda got that fried coating on it? ;-) He looks cute with the chopsticks, my fiance can NOT eat with them! (I can!) One of my fiance's relatives had a baby that was 1-2 years old and was actually EATING with the chopsticks! I thought that was pretty amazing!

At 5:02 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Pampered Chef has these cool bamboo tong thingies which make great kiddo chopsticks. I just ordered some for my pre-k class (not one per child, just a couple to work on fine motor skills, ha). Gage would probably love them. :-)

At 6:07 PM , Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Judy---they work w/ tongs all the time in his pre-K class. I never would have thought of that! The teacher said it's great for fine motor skills & help develop the hand muscles for using scissors.
Who knew!?
{well...all you teachers knew...but I didn't know!}


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