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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day....

So, Wednesday was Veteran's Day.

Gage went to school, per usual for a Wednesday.
He actually woke up Wednesday morning complaining of a sore throat. Nothing that chocolate ice cream for breakfast couldn't cure.

We ended up having a loooong, but eventful day!

When I picked him up from school, we stayed for a bit & he got to play on the playground. After that, one of the other moms mentioned a parade not to far off.
So, we went to this Veteran's Day ceremony in downtown Rowlett. The school drill team was there...several vets were there...Gage was pretty cute throughout the event.

But---when they asked for veterans to stand---Gage must not have understood the word "veteran," or maybe he was only half listening because he stood right up with a few soldiers and the older veterans. He just stood up and waved his flag. It was cute.

All was going well until Sam Johnson began speaking about his personal history and account of events as a P.O.W. It's not that I think Gage shouldn't know about those's just that....well, the information being shared was all a bit much for a 4 year old. I want to preserve his innocence a little bit longer, you know? I don't want to explain P.O.W.s, and what happened to the poor soldier who got trapped in some kind of bomber-plane who had a problem with his ejection mechanism after his plane was shot down. I don't want to answer questions about why soldiers shoot other soldiers when Gage still struggles with questions like "why are ants so mean?" I just don't want to go into these world problems and explain war now. Not now.
So...when he started his speech, we headed over to this burger joint for a cold drink & some fries.

We walked around & browsed through a few shops, and again, waited on the parade.
Come to find out---that mom was wrong. There was no parade.
But, we had a good time anyway....

So, after that---we went to the park to play for a little bit before it got too dark....

It was a good time...
Unfortunately, when we got home---Gage suddenly didn't feel so good.
Took his temp: 101.6.
Awwwww, man!

Dosed him with Motrin, and he was asleep by 6:30, curled up on our bed while I was folding laundry on the other side of the bed.
Poor Buddy....

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