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Friday, April 17, 2009

Bathroom Update...

So, as I mentioned, the tile guys finished Tuesday night.
The room is....very bright with white tile.
Now, granted, the walls {or, part of the walls} are still a dark chocolate brown, but that is going to change to a tan color to hopefully make the bathroom feel lighter, brighter, & bigger!

Tile has been grouted; needs to be sealed.

Shower rod has been purchased; needs to be installed. Hubby needs the correct drill bit so as to create a hole in the tile, but not crack one tile which cracks another which cracks another & shatters my whole bathroom!

Shower curtain...

Still, so much to do.
I still need to pick out lights.
I've joked about just sending Hubby to pick them out, but he's smarter than that. After the 71 cent tile fiasco, he realizes that even if I SAY he can go pick them out, it's just setting him up for failure & no matter what he brings home, it will be wrong.
So....lights. I must pick some out.... We'll see....

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