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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bathroom Renovation

So....our house was built in 1949.
We've still got the original oh-so-pink bathroom tile.
I painted the walls chocolate brown to make the pink work for a while.
But alas, it is time for a bathroom renovation!

So, in sticking with the fact that our house was built 60 years ago, I chose white subway tile for the bathroom, in a herringbone pattern.....inspired by THIS picture {yes, I know...the picture is of a kitchen---look past that, mmmkay?}

For those that are familiar with our pink bathroom, I can tell you that we are leaving the built-in mirrored vanity & built-in storage behind the door, but will just give it a fresh coat of paint.

What else do I have in mind for this bathroom???

This vanity....

This mirror....

And this faucet...

Let's see....what else?
One window in there. White plantation shutters...
Lighting? Oh, don't even go there. I easily spent OVER AN HOUR in the lighting section at Lowe's. For lighting & ceiling fans, I think they have a better selection and better prices....but I just couldn't decide. I need an over the sink set of lights & then a pendant light for the mirrored vanity area. I'd fall in love with a certain pendant light, but then the other lights that seemed to go well with it would only be offered in chrome....or I'd like a brushed nickel light, but hate something else about it....etc.
Lighting selections will come. Just....not today.

We've chosen a very neutral tan color that is pretty light, compared to the chocolate brown we have now. It's called "Dapper Tan". Yes, I know---this bathroom is very, very neutral. Not really my red-fireplace style....but, I am in charge of pulling this look together, and I'd really like to go with something neutral. So, there you go. Tan & white. I can accent with any color, and it will be much easier to switch out accessories when I'm bored of a certain color scheme.
:) are we faring on this project so far?
Let me tell ya....
Tile guy came today. Because of the intricate pattern that I want, the price for laying the tile went up by $1.50 per square foot. {dammit!}
Hubby's in there starting demo.
How's that going? Glad you asked. Well----the pink tile is set in concrete. {Lovely.}
And---behind that? Some kind of wire bullshit that has to be ripped out too. {Lovely.} So, we're about to be down to wooden empty walls until the tile guy returns later this week. No showers, only baths.

So anyway....that's what's going on in our world.

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At 5:45 PM , Anonymous misguided mommy said...

ha! that is my vanity and mirror! i love love love them. I bought two cute low baskets to go on the bottom that i store towels in.

also i love love love subway tiles and i'm jonsing to find something ANYTHING in my house to tile!

At 5:49 PM , Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Misguided Mommy: clearly, great minds think alike.

At 7:21 PM , Blogger Rikki said...

i want my bathroom redone!!! me=jealous!

At 10:29 PM , Anonymous misguided mommy said...

i love love love the mirror. every time i pee, i look up at it and say, yeah, that was a great choice.

was that tmi?

i'm still jealous of your subway tile

people have been saying they are having trouble adding me to their readers...make sure you are adding

At 4:49 AM , Blogger Beth said...

I love your decorating taste - do post pictures when the bathroom is finished.
So I can copy it! ;)

At 6:03 AM , Blogger lisa said...

Oh nooo, I love pink tile! Well, I say that but I don't have to live with it. I like the idea of neutrals. With a bathroom I think you have to make sure that you use classic stuff so that it will last longer. I hope you share a finished picture.

At 6:10 AM , Blogger smallmoments said...

My mom has that faucet in one of her guest bathrooms. It is so cool! I cant' wait to see it finished.

At 10:26 AM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Our house is post WW2 as well, and we also have a pink tile tub. Since we rent, we're just stuck with it for the time being. I'll live vicariously through your pics, though

At 11:55 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

Love the subway tile and the mirror AND the vanity! Good luck :)

At 8:37 PM , Blogger Mojavi said...

hey love the look.... I just wanted to let you know my friend has that faucet and the water leaves build up on the faucet where it pours out... plus you can't have any fast running water because it spits on the sides.... just wanted to let you know.

At 8:05 AM , Blogger Jiff said...

aaahhhh. Tile. We did our own, but ours was our floor, not on the walls. It's messy and exhausting.

I love the other things you picked out, though. You and I have the same taste. :)

At 3:05 PM , Anonymous The Repair-Home Team said...

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