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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ooooey Goooey Louie Cake

Hi Laine -

I am at work so I hope I don't get busted. ANyway, you have to put this link on your blog:

Gooey Butter Cake is totally a St. Louis thing, and this is the best of all the gooey butter cake. It's not super expensive and it's a must for anyone who has not tried it. We have a ton of out of towners who come in to STL to work Mon-Thurs. I got this for them to celebrate this month's birthdays and they loved it! (Even though they weren't sure what it was).

It's a fun website, too.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Love, Melis


At 8:58 PM , Blogger Robin said...

I'll have to try that! By the way..check out my newest blog and join in..I really enjoy your blog!

At 9:42 PM , Blogger Kate said...

Those look deadly. YUM!

At 5:53 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

She's right. Gooey Butter Cake is fantastic.


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