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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Gage is just talking so much now. It's wild & crazy & awesome.

Some of my favorite things to hear him say...

"possomas". That's how he says "possom". It's soooo cute.

"I don't like it the ___fill in the blank with whatever he doesn't like___."

"May I can have some please." We're working hard on asking nicely for things.

"May I can go to your bed just for a wittle while? You can set the timer."

"Please I can have..."

There are really so many more things...but those are just on the top of my head right now. Just some of the things I'm thinking about today.

In other news:
I dropped my mom's Mother's Day gift. She's coming in on Saturday, so I intend to give it to her then...but, I dropped it. I dented it. It's not broken, but it is dented. We'll have to see if she can live with it dented, or if I need to replace it. I kind of suck sometimes.

Yesterday, Gage choked on a hot dog. He was in the living room eating "weanie-bites", and Hubby was in the dining room. I was walking from the dining room into the kitchen when Hubby & I heard Gage make this noise like a dying bird. It was odd & made me turn on my heels & head straight for him, although I didn't immediately think, "he's choking". His face was red & he was gagging & making NO NOISE by the time Hubby I reached him. Hubby did the back patting & finger swoop thing, and I was fully prepared to administer the kiddie-heimlich. But, the weanie-bite came up & he was just a terrified mess. We all were. But, all turned out okay. Scary moment...which can happen at any time. Whoooo. In the end, all is well. You know, you think---he has a full mouth of teeth, he can eat this. well, yes, he CAN eat it, but I probably should cut up the bites into smaller pieces even though he's bigger...

Today: dr's appointment to talk about IUI. After Hubby's surgeries, it seems that we'll need to go this route to get pregnant again. I'm not sure when we'll plan on really starting this adventure, but today we've got my annual & time scheduled to cover the basics & answer all of my questions.
....and speaking of questions....I fully intended to go in with a list & ask a million questions....but as the time approaches, it's like my mind has gone blank. What do I need to know? I can't think of any questions! But, maybe the "what do I need to know" could be the question I ask. Dr.B is awesome if you ask me, and I am sure he will tell me everything I need to know. And, if there is anything we don't cover, they have their website set up where I can email his nurse. They are all so nice there & answer all my questions, so I'm not too worried. I suppose the bigger thing about all of this is for us to decide WHEN. Clearly we've got the WHO & the HOW covered. Sometimes I think, NOW-NOW-NOW, but then at other times, I think this is NOT the right time.

Which leads me to some thoughts I've had recently: we'll never again get that "surprise! you're pregnant!" With Gage, we tried & tried & success! With Masyn, well, that was a total surprise. Of course, that didn't end maybe surprise pregnancies aren't really for me. I dunno. I just think, now, to get pregnant it is going to be expensive, and planned, not spontaneous at all, no "pleasant surprise" babies....I don't know. I'm just kind of feeling like I lost something, you know? BUT--no pity parties about that. Why? Because (1) I have Gage, (2) I've gotten pregnant twice, so I have the ability to get pregnant, (3) we HAVE options to get pregnant, so why dwell on something so minute in the grand scheme of things?

Anywho.... let's move on, shall we?
Mother in law is watching Gage this afternoon while I go to the doctor.

I'm going to pick up the carpet & upholstery cleaner from her & clean our couch, chair, & ottomon b/c I SOLD THEM! Yes, on Saturday, this recently-divorced-single-mother-who-is-moving-into-her-apartment-with-a-baby needed some living room furniture. She is a coworker of one of my mommy-friends. She was asking around about getting a couch & living room furniture for cheap, but was also concerned about buying used b/c she wants it to be clean for her baby to be on.... Anyway, it just so happened that Tera (my mommy friend) and I were out looking at furniture b/c I am so sick of my living room I could just puke....and then Tera asked the gal, and the gal said she was interested, but obviously the price would make a difference... Well, when I was at the furniture store earlier in the day, I probably would have bought new stuff on the spot if it hadn't been for the delivery fee. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS. I couldn't bring myself to agree to it. I guess I'm going to have to get used to (1) life without a truck & (2) my husband can't be moving furniture while he's still recovering. This will be our first major purchase since we did away with the truck & I got my new car. Anyway.....back to the point. I told Tera to tell the gal that she can have the sofa, chair, ottomon, & 2 end tables for $120, that way the delivery fee will be covered for me. And, she has to pick them up b/c I don't deliver & don't have a truck or muscles to do it myself! She's so excited, and I'm excited to have them outta here.

And now....I need to work on a way to replace this RUG in our living room. It's so busy & I'm so sick of the pattern. Sure, it's fine if I don't have to look at it every day...but living with it? I'm tired of it.
Obstacle: Gage loves it. He pretends the border is his "road" & cars & trucks travel this carpeted road daily. I doubt he'll be on board with a new rug.

Okay...those are my ramblings for the day.
This weekend (Saturday), my mom & David are coming to my house to help me with yard work. I am so excited.

And the final tidbit for the day...
My new favorite phrase for answering the phone: "What up, Dog?"
I'm sure it's driving others nuts.

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At 8:03 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

I remember when my little brother started talking. We still tease him about some of the things he said... "temote control, chicken thing (when his hair would stand up), cold hot chocolate (chocolate milk)". They're just too cute at that age!

I can't imagine what its going to be like to try to determine when the time is "right". I would think that at some point you're just going to have to say "now" and do it, otherwise there will always be something that may hold you back. That make sense? And I too, am so grateful that there are options for couples with special circumstances.

Good luck with picking out a new rug!

At 8:09 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Hope the appointment goes well. And although you say perhaps this is not the right time, you sound pretty excited and positive about it all in your post.

Keep writing down those "Gage expressions" - you'll love to read them later on. So will he.

At 9:22 AM , Blogger Aunt Becky said...

Hotdogs, marshmallows, all of those are choking hazards (and kids favorite foods). Alex choked on a piece of cereal a couple of months ago and it was terrifying.

Glad everything is okay.

At 10:16 AM , Blogger Fold My Laundry Please said...

ONE TIME, I answered the phone and said, "Speak at me!" It turned out it was my mother and I had to listen to a half hour lecture about proper phone etiquette.

At 10:57 AM , Blogger gmcountrymama said...

I still love the way T talks. They will surely straiten him out next year in kindergarten, but I like his mistakes.
Good luck at the doctors. Thinking of you and hoping everything turns out good.

At 11:18 AM , Blogger Zephra said...

You could try yo-yo hommie. I think I spelled that right but i am such a square.

At 12:44 PM , Blogger Judy said...

There's still plenty of surprise left in alternate routes to getting pregnant...boy or girl for one! Size, eye color, hair or no hair, and on and on.

Best of luck, chica!

At 4:14 PM , Blogger Laura said...

That is one adorable kid!!!

At 6:47 PM , Blogger Kate said...

He's a cutie for sure. Thanks for sharing! And very, very glad that the weanie-bites episode ended so well. I can't imagine how terrifying that is.

I'm thinking good thoughts for the appointment and the next steps that you take. I can relate to having all these questions and not even knowing what to ask yet because you now you'll have more questions. Sounds like the doc is great and so you'll be well taken care of.

At 8:19 PM , Blogger Marni Tiani Self said...

I love that... What up dog?

Oh and I drop crap all. the. time. I'm such a lame-o, so I feel ya on the Mother's Day gift.

At 5:29 AM , Blogger kheatherg said...

My 5boy has choked on hot dogs in the past. (You would think i would've stopped feeding them to him!) It scared the days outta me!

He also choked on a bayleaf in the home made spegetti. We had to call911 and the local VFD responded. He was just about blue when they got there and reached in with a tool and grabbed it.

Too close for comfort scares..... and now he is only allowed to eat jello. LOL

At 10:22 AM , Blogger Fratzels said...

My favorite little man sayings are:
"I not know" and "yesterweek"

At 3:24 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I LOVE the things little kids say. Priceless!!

At 5:37 PM , Blogger Valerie said...

Good luck getting all your questions answered. You still get tons of surprises with fertility treatment, did it work this month,do my boobs really hurt or is it cause I keep poking them? You know all the good stuff.

At 11:36 PM , Blogger Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Lots going on at your house! I can just imagine how sweet he sounds, little cutie.
Good luck with your appointment, thinking of you.

At 7:26 AM , Blogger Not So Perfect said...

OMG the hot dog would have freaked me out. Good thing you knew what to do just in case. I just recently started letting Ella eat grapes without cutting them in half I think I might go back to cutting them in half again.

Hope your appointment went well.

Oh.. I love the what up dog? Lately I have been asking people "what the dilly yo?" Ha ha ha.

At 6:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weanie bites...HAHAHA!! Not haha is Gage choking. Brings back a nightmare with Morgan.

Glad you sold your furniture and it's so nice that you sold her all of that for $120. I'm sure she's thrilled to have something nice and clean.

At 8:43 AM , Blogger Misguided Mommy said...

i had 3 IUI's, they weren't too bad.

I get to by new rugs soon too!


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