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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Warning: The Following Images May Be Disturbing.

What the hell happened to maternity clothes since the last time I was pregnant?

I mean, I remember finding some decent looking stuff....
and I remember living in tank tops (I was hot all the time!)....

Anyway...while looking online, I found the following:

So...for that special the baby the gift? are you the gift? I'm waaaaay confused. I'd never wear a bow that big on any part of my body.

And then there's this:

Hypnosis central.
That top is hideous.

But least the underwear are attractive...

Damon & I call undies like these "grill covers."

Why? Well....little story there.
Way back when I was pregnant the first time...I had some Old Navy low rise maternity undies & t-backs....etc. They were fine. But they weren't just super-comfortable-hang-around-the-house kind of comfy. So, we're at WalMart one day, and I tell himt hat I just want to breeze through the undies section & get a package of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom---regular cotton panties, in a size bigger than my normal size. Well, being the big helper that he is, flags down the nearest person in a blue vest for assistance. She then takes us to the maternity underwear section & shows us our choice between...maybe 2 or 3 different packages. Thought #1: you can't see the panties, b/c they are in a package...pick at random & hope for the best, #2: how long has it been since I bought my damn underwear in a package? Sheeeeesh. Years. Years. So, we grab a pack of maternity, and a pack of larger-than-my-normal-size Hanes & head to the house.
GEEEEEEEEZ LOUISE. When I got those maternity undies out...they were big enough to cover the damn grill. They were HUGE.
Man, we laughed...and laughed.... called 'em "grill covers."

And I kept getting BIGGER & BIGGER.... suddenly those grill covers started to fit.
And then...they became the only undies that fit. (No, not really...but they did become the most comfy of all the panties I owned at the time!)

Oh...good times with the grill covers....

Hope I made ya laugh.



At 7:36 PM , Blogger Pokey Puppy said...

How on EARTH did i miss yesterdays post??? Congrats!! big time.. ;-)

At 10:03 PM , Blogger shoeaddict said...

All you mommys continue to make getting off the pill more and more intoxicating. ;) Just kidding.

You are hilarious. I'm looking forward to laughing with you through this pregnancy! Are you going to find out the sex? I know that's an early question.

At 6:34 AM , Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Yes, I definitely want to know if this baby is a boy or a girl!

At 7:48 AM , Blogger Kate said...

That dress is horrible. Why would you want to wear that bridesmaid dress again? That's all I can think of when I look at it. And I think that horrible shirt blinded me. And did she steal some of my early-90's heather gray leggings? Okay, are all of these pictures from some vintage catalog? Eek!

Grill covers. Hahahahaha!

At 9:59 AM , Blogger Misguided Mommy said...

that is so funny. i remember going to the mall one day and declaring to my husband i needed new undies NOW so we went to the maternity store and bought some. I went right to the bathroom and changed. Problem was, I was only about 4 months so they ended up just rolling down my belly and sagging in between my was awful awful awful. now i hit up gap body for their 1.97 underwear sales

At 8:45 PM , Blogger Raesha D said...

Hilarious!! The first (and last) pack of maternity panties I ever bought were GINORMOUS!! I think I saved a pair just for giggles.

At 1:07 PM , Blogger Shauna said...

Congrats, Laine!
I loved all your posts about pregnancy! Maternity clothes are just the worst.

I was more sick and tired with Elise. And no, I wasn't pretty (but I was pretty when pregnant with Nicholas). I hope it's a girl!

I hope you stop puking. I hated that.

At 1:29 PM , Blogger Erin said...

Yeah, Hi. Rockin' the grill covers over here. My mom bought me a bunch when I had Emily, hypothesizing (correctly, as it turned out) that my beloved bikinis wouldn't feel too good against fresh c-section scar. I'm back into regular pants and shirts, but the grill covers are sticking around for a while, I think. :)


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