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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

1.23.7.......they say it's your birthday!

This is Jolene.
She's my friend.

She's pregnant with twin girls.
...but, not for long!
They are scheduled for arrival at 12:30 today. (c-section...that's how we know the date & approximate time....)

Jolene carried them to 35w4d. Woohoo!
They estimate the weight of both girls at over 5 pounds, and Jolene should be able to take them home from the hospital, provided everything goes as planned.

And...the release of the names will take place this afternoon in the delivery room.
Those who know the names have been SWORN to SECRECY!
I can neither confirm nor deny that I know the names.
I can say this: throughout MOST of this pregnancy, I have referred to the babies as "Shasta" & "Fanta". Apparently, those are NOT the names.
(picture the disappointment on my face...)

And, everyone will be happy to know that the OB who circumcised my son will be delivering the girls.
How's that for random information that you probably didn't want to know????



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