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Sunday, June 11, 2006

We are home from our trip!

Well, we are home. And, it's been super busy since we got home.
I swear---Gage GREW while we were gone!

Top teeth---one is in, and the other front tooth is on it's way down.

His hair...he looked like a little ragamuffin, so he got his first hair cut when we got home. And, he went swimming for the first time. Loved it. Totally a water baby!

Damon's in a golf tournament this weekend, so we've been busy with that.

Our trip: the ocean & white sandy beach were beautiful.
One thing I wish I'd known prior to arrival: it was a topless beach. Ummm about that. Tell me this: why is it okay for Damon to....take in the view, so to speak, but it's not okay for me to go topless? Whatever Damon.

I'll write more when I get a chance later this week.


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