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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dream House...

If I got to just build a house from scratch...
I would do something either contemporary looking...or buy an old building in a small town & renovate it into like a giant loft house.

It would be energy efficient, and water efficient.
It would have solar panels.

I would have stained concrete floors.
I would have pipework showing.

It would be 2 stories, at least. I want an upstairs & downstairs.

And here are some pictures that I would love to just move into!

I would like a living room like that.

This bedroom example...this is like a compromise between my style & Damon's style. I'm anti-sleighbed, and he LOVES sleighbeds. I could handle the sleighbed if the rest of my room were urban-eclectic like this...

Oh, and I would have a garage.
I've never had a garage.


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