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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Gage's Life...According to Damon

Damon: "He'll graduate from high school & he'll be the valedictorian. After that, he'll go to college: A&M or Harvard. He'll win the Heisman (sp??). (Does Harvard even have a football team???) Then he'll go on to be a Neuro-Surgeon, and in his spare time, he'll do medical research. That's when he'll discover the cure for cancer. For that, he'll win the Nobel Prize, about 2 years after the actual discovery. When he turns 35, he'll be eligible to run for President. He'll actually hold off until he's 40. At 40, he'll run for President and win."

Me: "What about a daughter in law & grandbabies?"

Damon: "Oh, he'll get married around 29 or 30, and he'll have kids. But, at 40 he becomes President. During his first term, he solves the world's energy crisis & slows global warming. Then, he runs for his 2nd term in office, with no opposition. He doesnt necessarily unite the Republicans & Democrats, but both parties fully support him. So, he wins, of course, and goes down in history for yet another wonderful achievement. After that, during his second term in office, he cures world hunger. After his 2nd term in office, he retires at the age of 48. He spends the rest of his life just enjoying his family, travelling," (I cut him off)

Me: "And taking care of his mother."

Damon: "And his father."


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