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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fear & Blow-drying...

So, did I ever post about Baby Gage's fear of the vacuum?
He was so scared that I had to hold him when the vacuum was on. His little hands were shaking & he was holding on soooooo tight!
He's kind of getting over that. I've parked the vacuum in the living room for a bit, and we've played on the floor around it. And, if Damon is home & entertains Gage while I vacuum, then he's okay.

I thought he would also be afraid of the blow dryer. So, I was blow drying my hair, and Gage crawled over to me, and just started crying & wanting to be held. I turned the blow dryer on low & cool air. I blew his hair. He just sat there in a little frog position...and would lean his face into the air, closing his eyes & blinking slowly. He LOVED it! He loved to get his hair blow dried. I mean, his hair was already dry, but he loved the cool air blowing on him. It was so cute & funny. Then, he crawled back into the living room & played some more. When I turned the blow dryer back on---he was back over to me & crying. He didnt want me to dry MY hair---he just sat there again & let me blow dry HIS hair!

He's so cute & funny!


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