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Sunday, March 19, 2006


It's Sunday. I am at my part time job...& I'm so sleepy.
I need more


This place is cold.

It's raining cats & dogs today.

I'm sleepy.

Movie Reviews:

The Human Stain: I give it a C. Way to go for getting good actors...but, the whole movie was too long. The bigger picture is about irony & race...but, about 1/2 of the movie is gross sex scenes between an old man & a trailer trash girl. Would not watch it again, but it was not complete crap. gets a C.

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire: in progress. I was so tired last night that I sacked out before it really got started.

Yours, Mine, & was okay. Basically they combined "Cheaper by the Dozen" & "The Brady Bunch". So, it was an easy way to pass 2 hours, but certainly was nothing new...very predictable.

The Transporter...that was good. I was watching it off & on...was still able to follow the story line & found it entertaining.

I'll have to post pictures from the weekend tomorrow.

Mom & David came to visit. That was good.
We got a rug for the living room. It's 10X13 feet. It's huge. Great deal though.
Allen & Dad are in St.Lucia right now. I'm just a weeeee bit jealous.

Random things about me time....
1. I love the website,
2. I miss living in a loft.
3. I love ginger dipping sauce.
4. I've never been to an IKEA store.
5. I've never been up in a hot air balloon.
6. My eyes are brown.
7. My feet are cold right now.
8. I'm wearing my hair curly today.
9. My nails are painted light pink.
10. I did not put on mascara today.
11. I had a donut for choice, I know.
12. I love Ramen noodles.
13. I dont like going out in the rain.
14. My umbrella has a print on it: Jack Vettriano's "The Singing Butler"
15. I miss Melissa.
16. I (or we...) belong to Netflix.
17. I like Aussie shampoos.
18. I usually put my watch on upside down, and have to switch it around 8am. Yes, this is pretty much a daily event.
19. I got rid of internet @ home.
20. I am sitting in a teeny-tiny office right now typing this.

Signing off for now!


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I really loved your blog! Love the coffee cup! Love coffee!


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woops, here's my web info:

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eep! it's


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