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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sausage Biscuit Saves the Day...

So, I'm pissy this morning. I went to bed last night before 10. Closer to 9 I think...right after Gage went to sleep...
Well, he was back up at 1.
He was up again close to 4.
He was up AGAIN at 5:20. Well, at 5:20, I asked Damon to take a turn so that I could get some sleep. I was sooooo tired.
What was his response, "I'm going to get up with him later."

So, I sighed, and I pouted, and I went to get Gage...changed his diaper...fed him...rocked him...and put him back down.

By then, I had about 20 minutes until my alarm clock would go off. So, I climbed back in bed....scooted all the way over to my side b/c I was so mad at Damon--I didnt even want his toes to touch me!

And, I waited...I waited...waited on my alarm clock to buzz, or waited to finally drift back to sleep. But, I was so mad that even my face felt hot. I knew there was no way I could fall back asleep, what did I do? I laid in bed & "snoozed" for an hour. (meaning--my alarm went off every ten minutes...and I'd hit the button so it would buzz again!)

So, finally I got up at 7. Mind you, I work all the way out in Arlington, and have to be there by 8....but, whatever.

Left the house at 7:37. I of course was going to be late to work...
So, I thought--since I'm already going to be late, I might as well stop at Starbucks & get a coffee...but, I didnt.

So, a little while later, I'm at work & getting the stuff together to fix my own coffee. What happens? Well, I shake the creamer bottle, and the top is not screwed on properly, and I get creamer all over my hands until it is dripping off my elbows. I knew I should have gone to Starbucks!!!!!!!!!

But alas---someone (a vendor) brought McDonald's sausage biscuits to the main office, and that saved my day!
(unless of course it makes me sick, and I hug the porcelein god all day...)

Anyway...lets get back to this "middle of the night" issue. Sure, I may owe my husband an apology b/c I was all pouty about the whole thing....but I very RARELY ask for help during the night. And, the last time I did--I got a response very similar to this morning's response. After which, he apologized, and acknowledged that I generally do it all on my own. Well, so I ask again this morning--and I get the same crap. Maybe later he'll apologize, but "too little too late"! Seriously---thanks for the apology, but what I really want is a little help when I request it!

Oh...I forgot to mention something...I owe him an apology for something I said this morning, and how I said it. It was mean, and rude, and I was sleepy & mad.... He said, "If Gage starts crying, will you not turn the mobil on, and just bring him to me?" (keep in mind--he said all of this from his cozy little side of the bed, while I was getting up for work...) My response was, "No, if Gage starts crying, you are going to get your a$$ out of bed, and go get him yourself." I feel really bad for saying it...and saying it the way I did...

I know it seems like neither one of us wants to care for our child. Well, I'm sure it seems that way to those who dont have kids. Well, that's not it at all! I enjoy getting up with Gage 99% of the's like our own little time when the rest of the house is quiet & everyone is asleep. It's just Mommy & Gage time. BUT--yesterday at work was completely draining....I had to work late...I had to stop & get gas on the way home...I had to sit in lots of traffic....& was pooped! And, I had already been up with him twice during the night. I just wanted a little sleep! I just wanted Damon to take one turn!

Here's one thing for sure....I'm NOT apologizing to him until he apologizes to me. Childish I know--but I'm tired of him just throwing out an "I'm sorry" & then nothing changing.


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