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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Why it's just not my day...

It took me 2 hours to get to work this morning.
My father in law spent the night last night. So, this morning, Damon & Gene were both still asleep. So, I didnt turn on the TV b/c I was trying to be quiet.
So--I missed the traffic report before I left for work.

Got in my car.
Entered the highway....or better know as a parking lot.
I kept switching radio stations trying to find a traffic report, while not having to listen to a bunch of BS morning talk radio programs. Every time I switch to a station, I hear the very end of the traffic. Lovely.
By the time I heard about the accident I was waiting in traffic from--I could actually see the banged up car & the 5 cops sitting there waiting on a tow truck.
So--there you have I-30 closed down to 1 lane at the mix-master.

Also...I eat regularly. I often wake up in the middle of the night to eat. Two hours in a car during grid-lock traffic with no food. A happy camper I was not.
What made it worse?? The Jolly Rancher wrapper sitting there in the cup holder. It was empty. I like Jolly Ranchers. I would have enjoyed one right then! I am...not my Jolly Ranchers...late for I need to call work to let them know how late I'm running. My cell phone battery is dead. Of course it is. Would I really have expected differently? So--then I realize...Damon borrowed my car cell phone charger. Lovely. Work will think that I am either dead in a ditch somewhere (because that's what women/moms think when people are late or dont show up after 2 hours.) or that I've completely shirked all work-related responsibility.

Then...I get to work. I have the last parking space in a sea of parking spaces. I have to walk forever to get to the actual front door. Seriously--it seemed like I was walking from Waco just to get into work.

Then...I get into my office...I accidentally write on my pants with a black pen. I've missed breakfast in the cafeteria because they quit serving already...I'm still hungry, and my pants are marked on.

AAAAANNNDDD-I got a call from the OB's office. The insurance plan has not paid the claims & now the charges for my prenatal care are my responsibility--how would I like to pay for that? Cash, Check, or Charge?
My response, "I wouldnt like to pay for that at all." So, there's this little girl at the doctor's office who is working with the insurance company to see what the problem is. I called the insurance company to see what the problem is. Really--here's the problem. We pay almost a thousand dollars a month for health insurance. We ask them (the insurance company) to pay for our healthcare when we need it...and they dont want to. I love it. Oh, if I werent pregnant & about to be a parent--I swear I'd live on the edge & be uninsured!!!
...okay, okay...I'm soon as I became uninsured that's when I'd get hit by a bus & survive...only to pay for it the rest of my life! The irony...the irony...

On a brighter note....
1. Father in law surprised me (well, us) with a new washing machine. It's not as nice as the one Damon picked out, but a lot nicer than the one I picked out. I think it rocks! (Guess our dragging ass & indecisiveness had a funny little way of paying off!) Damon's just glad that I am excited about it because it means that I'm doing laundry.
2. Went to Saltgrass Steak House last night. Have not been there in years. Forgot that I hate their sweet butter...but I also forgot how gooooood I think the rest of the food it. YYUUUUMMMy!
3. Damon said that a young couple with a brand new baby is looking to buy the house next door to us. He said that they are really nice, and they are really excited that we are young & having a baby. Woohoo! I hope it all works out!

Upcoming Birthdays...
Melissa 4/3...Sunday
Damon 4/9...Saturday

I had an inservice today at lunch time & had Boston Market. It was okay...I normally love Boston Market, but that's because I usually get to order what I want. Having someone else pick & bring wasnt nearly as good. I missed the creamed spinach.

Oh--and FYI: bought two things of strawberries yesterday at Tom Thumb for 88 cents each. If that isnt a steal, I dont know what is. They were regularly $3.99 each. So, if you are in the mood for strawberries & are near a Tom Thumb--pick some up.

That's all I know for now.


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