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Friday, January 09, 2015

Elf on the Shelf 2014

Alexander and Sloan are our "Elf on the Shelf" elves.

Gage wasn't totally sold on the idea until last year when he started to want one... Suddenly, there were two: a boy and a girl; one for him, and one for his Sister.

This year they arrived a bit after others' elves returned.... As luck would have it, OUR elves were on a super secret mission for the big guy himself, as they are a part of some elite special ops elf unit... Hmmm.... who knew???


This box was waiting for SOMEONE as he came home from school one afternoon. Yes, it was cold. Hello, it had been at the North Pole!

 He was thrilled. We left the elves in the box, and here's where we found them the next day....
 Our elves were pretty good.... They moved here & there....
 Not too much mischief. One day however, they went on strike because of some not-so-nice behavior....
 That was short lived.
 They snacked on pretzels and watched movies.... They didn't make too many messes....just a few.
 But, they left treats! Yay!
 ...and took sELFies!

 When they DID make a mess, it was quite the event....

Many of their shenanigans were cute. Googly eyes on a picture? Cute. Decorating the Christmas tree with underwear? Not so cute---but yes, they did that too!
The undies on the tree pic---kind of hard to see clearly, but I can assure you, Gage saw it clearly and thought it was hilarious!
What else did they do? They hid in plants and played LIFE. Aren't they clever?
They hid candy canes on the tree for Gage to hunt.
They put jokes up all over Gage's bathroom mirror...they spilled marshmallows with their hot chocolate, and they hid in the candle lanterns...

They left us mixes to bake up, and reminded us of the meaning of Christmas, even if it is a reminder with toys!

And then....they reminded us to leave cookies for Santa!

Clever little elves.... 'til next year!

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