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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Santa's Favorite?

Santa may like all of the good boys and girls, but Eliette thinks she is his favorite!

Our mom's group had a holiday party for the little ones. There were many activities (some that she may have been a bit young for) and one of the activities was seeing Santa. Waiting in lines is not necessarily something this child has mastered just yet...and, she's quick! Seriously, every time a crying child was plucked from Santa's knee, she climbed right back up there to see him again.

She's a mess....

Other pics from that party....

I was so impressed that she sat and enjoyed getting her face painted. Oh, to see herself in the mirror afterward---she was just in awe. I loved watching her see her reflection. It was pretty cute.
 "A tattoo on my hand? Don't mind if I do!"
There was also a little dancing/gymnastics session. Eliette was all over that...
How much did she like it? THIS MUCH:

No, really, she was following along in some of the little steps. It was awesome that she would actually do the steps to the best of her ability.

This little thing was exhausted in the end. She was lucky enough to start the party and end the party in Santa's lap.
She was so tired after that party. Bless her little heart!

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At 7:52 AM , Blogger Linda said...

Lovely and delightful photos. Happy New Year. :)


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