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Friday, December 26, 2014

Soccer Season 1: Done.

So, I was a soccer mom for a hot minute.

Juggling this non-competitive soccer with his competitive baseball was a little tricky, but baseball was the priority at that time. He understood. With baseball, you try out, you may or may not make the team, he had 5 hours of practice each week, tournaments, and it cost $$$. If baseball conflicted with soccer, baseball won.

So, how did he enjoy his first season playing soccer? He LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! (We are talking that tee-ball type of enthusiasm that I've missed seeing in this kid!)

Here are pics from the end of the season:

Yes, everyone got a medal. It's not competitive. You know what? Everyone getting a medal didn't make his medal any less precious to him. He loves it.

Love our little athlete!

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