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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


So, on the same day as Gage's Bike Rodeo, he had a baseball tournament in Irving.
That was We woke up early, did the bike rodeo. Came home. Unpacked the bike stuff. Snacked. Little bit of rest. Then packed up the car for baseball.  (Daddy left the bike rodeo a little early to get Little Miss home for her nap. Good thinking!)

Game delay?
Let's get food!

Gage was excited that his cousin, Chris, came to watch him play.
Let the games begin!

We played that afternoon and again in the evening/night. Games ran late.... Eliette didn't last. Chris had to go home.... Damon took the baby home....and I stayed to watch Gage. Gage and I caught a ride with another family BACK to Whataburger for dinner....

When it was all said and done, yet another family brought us home... Ahhhhh, the baseball-gaming life, right?
It really was such a long day for this little boy.
So sweet....

As I looked at him asleep there in the back of the suburban, it killed me to think of his super exciting  long day, knowing that he would have an early game the next day. {#baseballlife}

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