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Sunday, November 23, 2014

"But you just GOT a new bike."

"Mom, I need a new bike," he said.
"But you just GOT a new bike."
He handed me a pedal off said bike.
"Can Daddy fix it?"

Ummm....for the $ I paid, it shouldn't fall apart. The pedal falling off was not the first issue we had with this Tony Hawk Fred bike. It was just the last straw for this mom.

Though I'd sworn off ToysRUs in the past, I found myself there YET AGAIN. This time was to return the freaking bike. Gage rolled into the store with his bike and headed straight to Customer Service. "My mom needs to return this." I was right behind him. I put the pedal on the counter, "and here's the rest of it." 

After that---ride a bike IN the store? No problem. Sure you can---until they come over and say that you can't.

He was thrilled. Found a bike he loved, which is so not what this mom had chosen for him---so it's great that he got to pick one out.

Sister had fun at the store too. I mean---it's a toy store. How can you NOT have a little fun, right!?


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