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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

State Fair of Texas, 2014

 So, here in Texas, or at least in our metroplex, the kids get out of school for one day during the week to go to the Texas State Fair. They each get one ticket for admission too. It's pretty awesome! This year, Hubby wasn't feelin' it, so I took the kids to the fair solo. That's right. Solo. Who rocks? I rock.

Gage had fun on the Midway...Eliette only rode one ride and she could take it or leave it.

Eliette's favorite experience was clearly the little farm...

The Garden Center there on the fair grounds was sooooo neat. Gage and I loved it. Eliette....well, she didn't really care either way...

Part of the fun of the fair: eating! Junk food was all around. Gage enjoyed popcorn, snowcones, and cotton candy. I think there was a hot dog and corny dog in the mix too... Oh! And salt water taffy, of course. It's a fair staple... The closer was Dippin' Dots ice cream.

What else did we do? We visited some live farm animals...

See that little calf right there (above)? Right after that red cup was moved, Eliette walked straight over there and shoved her little finger right up that calf's nostril. Shocked that little calf, that's for sure. {The good news: hand sanitizer was everywhere.}
What else did we do? Well, we saw an Elvis impersonator, and Eliette danced for the crowd... that didn't last long.

We saw the cars.....Oh, the cars. I'll spare you the 50-million photos, but let me just say: Gage took over the photography task at that point, and I have a ton of car photos in case you missed any of the car pavilions at the fair this year.... A few of Gage, taken by Mommy:

Gage played the pay-to-play games and won himself and his sister stuffed animals. He ate until he couldn't eat any more. He rode all of the rides he wanted to...and before we knew it, it was starting to get dark. Did we really just stay at the State Fair ALL DAY? Yes. Yes, we did.

Gage will testify: we had a GREAT day! $30 for valet parking? TOTALLY WORTH IT when I was dead tired and dragging myself and two littles back to the entrance to head home.

We had a great day. I'm so glad we went!

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At 12:52 AM , Blogger Christy said...

Hi there, I was thinking of you the other day when Guy (9) asked - out of nowhere! - if he could get a pen-pal. I remember having a pen-pal when I was little and loving it. I thought Gage might enjoy writing to Guy in Sydney.

You might recognise me from my blog:

my email address is here:

Guy is in Year 3 (third grade?) at our local school. it’s very small, it only has about 220 students, although Sydney is Australia’s biggest city.

Guy’s hobbies are riding his new bike, doing to Cub Scouts (where my hubby Tom is training to become a leader) and Guy does chess club at school on Tuesday mornings. Oh, and he’s been taking singing lessons for 12 months, although his talent does not match his enthusiasm (bless him!)

Guy’s favourite foods are sweets (candy) of course, but he also likes chicken satay and other Asian inspired meals, as we have a huge Asian influence being “down under”!

anyway, I’ll leave it with you…. Christy x


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