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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Middle of the Night Moments.

I can't sleep.
I had a bad day.
It included waking up to a broken furnace, harsh words between my husband and I, long lines to return my over-purchase at Hobby Lobby (30 feet of deco mesh is really a lot of deco mesh...especially when I bought 6 of them!), finding that our daughter emptied an entire box of Kleenex one tissue at a time, and the death of my cell phone after it collided with the pool decking.

Awesome day.

On the up side: the furnace was fixed and we have heat! We are all alive and healthy. Apologies and kind words were spoken here at the Casa de Lainey Paney.  Jess went with me to an exercise class that I wanted to try.

...and then tonight---I can't sleep. I don't know why.... But---I have to share this moment because it was too precious not to share.

Eliette woke up and cried a bit.
I went into the nursery to change her.
Up goes the zipper for the sleep sack.
Down goes the zipper for the jammies.
I get her we diaper off, and while she's laying there on the changing table with her eyes closed, she raises her little arms and claps 3 times for me. Her little arms dropped to her chest and she was asleep. She started snoring right there, half dressed on the changing table. She slept for the rest of the diaper change.

Sweet success.
"Yay, Mommy, you figured it out. You changed my diaper. Yay!"
{I live for the applause, applause, applause....}



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